SPC14: The Fpweb.net Road Crew Report

Fpweb.net brings familiar faces, and some new ones, to the SharePoint Conference

So far, we’ve kept you pretty up-to-date with SharePoint Conference 2014.

We let you know the top five reasons you should be looking forward to the event; we explained how SPC14 has tailored the sessions to your specific SharePoint role; we broke down the SPC14 events you should be getting excited about; heck, we even let you pick your own Swag!

So I guess you’ve put two and two together and realized that Fpweb.net has a pretty big presence this year, but what familiar faces will you see at this year’s event?  Well, sit back and relax, because it’s my pleasure to introduce…

The Fpweb.net’s SPC14 Road Crew!

rob-lamearLet’s start at the top, our heavyweight champion Rob LaMear! Rob founded Fpweb.net back in the mid-90’s and has been riding the SharePoint wave ever since. Rob will be speaking this year, so be sure to catch his session “The tipping point between on-premises and the Cloud” Monday, March 3rd, 2pm-3:15pm in Lando 4201-4303.


Next on deck we have the VP of Sales Jesse Roche. You’ll likely find Jesse at Fpweb.net’s 18ft booth (#2014), where he’ll be chatting up current partners and discussing how Fpweb.net can custom architect the perfect environment for potential customers. Jesse can handle all of your cloud environment concerns as well as help explain what sets us apart in the industry.

amber-watsonAnd speaking of customers, here’s a name they have all learned over the past couple years: Amber Watson. Amber heads up our Customer Success team and plays the role of customer advocate, handling all customer issues and remaining one phone call away (seriously, her team’s direct numbers are given out to every single customer). Amber will be spending her days putting a “face to that name” – meeting with our current customers and having conversations around how we can better serve them.

joe-beyerAnother name our customers have to come to count on the past three years is the one and only Migration guru Joe Beyer.  Joe is one of the many “brains of the operation” here at Fpweb.net. As a Sr. SharePoint Administrator and Project Manager you can find Joe in the booth talking shop or you can hear him on several of our popular Fpwebinars where he shares his expertise over the various avenues of cloud, SharePoint and migrations. Don’t forget to ask Joe how you can qualify for one of the free SharePoint migrations we offer.

steven-ruppIf Joe is off attending a session, Steven Rupp will certainly be holding down the booth at all hours. Steven is one of our SharePoint Architects that can be found at most conferences. Besides being good for a laugh, Steven’s role at the event will be to assess your specific needs and technical requirements and then point you in the right direction of one of our very many solutions. Be sure to ask Steven about our many Hybrid Solutions as well as what Fpweb.net brings to the table that sets us apart in the industry.

peter-cartierGiving Steven a hand in the booth answering questions and generally just meandering about is our Senior Copywriter Peter Cartier. Known as “The Voice of Fpweb.net” or even more sinister, as “The Elocutionator”, Peter takes our company blog and runs with it while also lending his creative flair to the rest of our marketing efforts. At the event, please be sure to follow along with Peter’s witty commentary on all the conference happenings on the blog as well as his Twitter account @PeterCarti3r.

brianna-smithSpeaking of Twitter, please allow me to introduce our socialniesta of the team Brianna Smith – our anything and everything marketing “she can do it all” gal.  She has been living and breathing this conference so if you have any questions make sure to reach out! This is Brianna’s very first SPC, so if you have any spare 5-hour Energies, be sure to pass one her way, otherwise, just follow her report on @fpweb.

ellie-dupuisSecond to last, as I always save the best for last, please allow me to introduce myself. Ellie Dupuis here, VP of Marketing and Business Development (I know, I know, I’m working on that long title).  As a veteran to SPC events, my job is to keep tabs on this wild bunch and make sure everyone has a safe return back to St. Louis. As long as I don’t spend my days hunting down employees who may have gotten locked out on the roof of the casino… I will be meeting with potential partners, customers, and dodging people trying to sell ad space.

mystery-employeeAs promised, the best is saved for last. Our ninth member of Road Crew is (drumroll please)… a mystery! Sorry but you’ll have to attend our partner luncheon “Don’t Gamble with Partnerships: Team up with Fpweb.net” to hear us announce this veteran to the SharePoint industry joining our team. Besides announcing our new Channel Program Manager, we’ll also explain how Fpweb.net can make you successful with your own clients. Oh, and did I mention we’ll be giving away a $1,000 poker chip to a lucky attendee?

Notably absent from the list is the infamous Boothzilla. You may have seen the massive two-story booth at past SharePoint conferences, but unfortunately someone left the warehouse doors open one night earlier this year and Boothzilla managed a daring escape. It was last seen emerging ominously from the ocean somewhere along the Pacific Rim. Never fear though, we’re bringing a whole new booth to SPC14, and we think you’ll enjoy some of the ways it can enhance your conference experience.

So that’s the gang. Each one of us is bringing our own special talents and flavor to the SharePoint experience for this five day extravaganza! As we know how fast this week can blow by, we’d love to schedule time to meet with you before it’s too late.  If you have a time you’d like to set aside to meet with any of the above team, please shoot us an email at [email protected] and we’ll get something on the calendar.

Looking forward to seeing everyone next week!

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