Spring SharePoint Workshop and Expo Recap

Last week, Fpweb.net sponsored and attended the Spring SharePoint Workshop and Expo hosted in the Microsoft building in Manhattan, New York. This event was organized and emceed by our good friends at DataLan. It was a fantastic free event with a strong turnout (140 attendees or so).

DataLan Spring SharePoint Workshop

I enjoyed catching up with Tony Smith and listening in on his ‘What’s New in SharePoint 2013’ session. We had many insightful conversations with folks who were exploring moving to the SharePoint 2013 cloud as part of their upgrade strategy and we also had the opportunity to catch up with some partners and fellow SharePoint solution vendors.

There were a couple discussion topics and Cloud use case scenarios which were brought up that I found quite interesting. One involved an employer who recently split his company into two separate businesses. This required them to segregate content and permissions so that users can only see data and profiles for people belonging to their new entity. I explained that there are a number of ways to do this but the easiest route administration-wise is to utilize two separate SharePoint farms. You could do this within the same farm, but a more stringent security and governance plan would need to be implemented.

A second discussion which stood out to me was a gentleman who hosts his SharePoint environment (multi-tenant) with a different provider who is very slow at responding to support requests if at all. I immediately described our one hour (and currently averaging 27 minutes) support response times. “Our SharePoint specific knowledge and customer service is what really sets us apart,” I explained.

If your provider isn’t always go above and beyond to help you solve complex and frustrating issues on the hosted SharePoint platform (whether it’s configuring a service application to deploying a highly available multi-national website) than you need to take a hard look at them. It’s difficult for providers like us to quantify and portray this rare level of service before you are a customer of ours, but if you run a pilot POC with us,  I promise you’ll be impressed. A POC is one of the ways you can break through the common barriers to the cloud… which leads me to my next point…

As part of our sponsorship and our relationship with DataLan, I had the pleasure of presenting a new session entitled “Overcoming Barriers to the Cloud.” Our CEO Rob LaMear was the original author of this presentation, but I decided to re-write it from my point of view. An outline of the talk is as follows:

  • What is influencing CEOs to move to the cloud
  • Cloud adoption trends
  • Major barriers to cloud adoption
  • How to overcome and prepare for the barriers
  • What to think about with regards to SharePoint in the cloud
  • The roadmap for cloud adoption

Below, you’ll find my slide deck on Slideshare.  I hope you enjoy it and employ it when investigating moving your SharePoint platform to the cloud.

[slideshare id=20411705&doc=overcomingbarrierstothecloudautosaved-130502100241-phpapp02]

If you have anything you would like to add or questions about these topics, please contribute to the discussion by adding a comment below.  Till next time…  Cheers fellow SharePoint ninjas.

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