SPTechCon San Francisco 2013: The Recap

Steven Rupp at SPTechCon

Here I am, manning the Fpweb.net Booth at SPTechCon!

My name is Steven but people usually call me ‘The Sales Guy’ – which I guess is better than a handful of months ago when I was ‘The New Guy’. I’m Steven Rupp, one of Fpweb.net’s SharePoint Architects and dedicated Sales team members.

My job centers completely on finding the best SharePoint solution for businesses. A lot of times this means I’m emailing or talking on the phone with potential clients, but every once in a while I head to a conference and get to meet SharePoint users and business decision-makers face to face.

And that’s how I ended up in San Francisco last week for the first SPTech Conference of 2013. My company Fpweb.net is a regular attendee and Gold Sponsor. As expected, I was pretty excited about attending. On one hand, I wanted to get out in the field and hear customer questions and concerns first hand around cloud hosting. Secondly, I’ve never been to an SPTechCon or San Francisco, and the conferences look like a great time – which it was! Lastly, it’s always an excellent opportunity to network with potential partners on how we could incorporate their offerings into our solutions.

For those who aren’t familiar with SPTechCon, it’s a conference where SharePoint users meet and greet fellow users, solution providers, MVPs, developers and more. It’s chocked full of training classes, SharePoint Sessions, and opportunities to meet with vendors.

SPTechCon Exhibit Hall Chaos!

SPTechCon Exhibit Hall Chaos!

I was amazed by the size of the community behind SharePoint. I never knew there was such a big following, but each and every day I’m learning more and more. There was a good amount of sponsors as well filling the exhibit halls. We had great conversations with some of our existing partners about how everything was working and started new conversations with potential partners. Almost every booth had their own custom solution that offered a lot of value to anyone’s SharePoint environment. I enjoyed hearing the challenges and successes of the SharePoint users that attended. The world of SharePoint is huge and the customizations are virtually endless. It’s pretty cool knowing that the company you work for can answer just about all the challenges I heard, and give the ability to users to take advantage of these customizations with a Private Cloud.

On that note, I’d like to thank everyone who swung by the Fpweb.net booth during the vendor hours. I had a great time chatting with you all and hope I lent some insight into your Cloud questions.

The Fpweb.net Booth at SPTechCon San Francisco

The Fpweb.net Booth at SPTechCon San Francisco

Most of my conversations were typically spent explaining the features of a Hosted SharePoint Solution that set Fpweb.net apart. For one, we are a 100% SharePoint Focused Provider. Everyone you see, everyone you talk to, is affiliated with SharePoint. In addition, all of our solutions are dedicated. There is no limit on customization, and you get access to what you need: Central Administration.

It seemed when a lot of people heard cloud, they automatically got the image of barriers that cannot be overcome. But, when your solution is dedicated, there is a lot we can overcome together while harnessing the benefits of cloud including: decreased maintenance, hardware, software, security, and more. Dedicated or private cloud hosting gives your infrastructure full functionality and never limits you on what you can add or customize.

Hosted SharePoint

Overall, I thought it a very successful trip and it appeared that a lot of people took away great information. I was glad to be a part of the experience and look forward to future gatherings. As I told most of you on the exhibit floor, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any questions – we’re also here to educate and would love to help you kick around some ideas for your SharePoint infrastructure.  If we can identify a solution that fits your business, putting together a quote is easy and we move at your pace to match the transitions as easily as possible.

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  1. Ellie March 12, 2013 at 4:35 pm - Reply

    False advertisement… I ALWAYS Host my SharePoint!

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