Stand up and be counted.

Watch out folks… DEFCON 4 on the cheese factor today.

Today’s Cheese Factor:

You’ve heard that showing up is half the battle.
I didn’t give this statement much merit in my younger days. Now that I’m older and well… older, I find this statement to be true. Perhaps even more so in personal matters. I’m a big Ken Blanchard fan and he has some great points on this subject. Ken asks us to think about the people in our life who “show up” when tougher times hit. Who’s the friend that gives you a call when everyone else seems to be running the other direction?

Ponder these 3 questions Ken offers:

  1. Who can you count on to show up in your life?  What does that mean to you?
  2. For whom do you show up? How does it matter to them?
  3. Is there a person you now realize needs you to show up? How can you showing up and standing up impact someone else’s life?

What does it look like for someone to stand up to be counted?

Watch this video clip from The War:

So how do you do it? How do you muster the courage to take a stand?

  1. Remove yourself from the game: “Their rules” no longer apply.
  2. Your role doesn’t matter: On points of principle, it doesn’t matter if you’re a trash man or a trainee. What matters is what’s right. You may be a student, a subordinate, or be made to feel like a second-class citizen. It doesn’t matter. Don’t let that stop you.
  3. Don’t “dance” for money: Money is often dangled in front of us as a hook. The consequences of taking a stand will be pitted against you. It may even look like a lost job, a lost house or even a lost friend. No matter what it looks like – don’t let money be your deciding factor.
  4. Be True to Yourself: Know what you stand for before the situation arises.
  5. Stand on Principle:
    1. Integrity
    2. Character
    3. Competence
    4. Boldness
    5. Personal Vision

Know what you stand for.

In my opinion, the key is that you need to have a personal “vision” statement. Know what you stand for. Know your values. Who are you behind closed doors? If you know who you are, then think about those situations before they happen. Think about how you would react to a situation where someone was being taken advantage of… and everyone else was sitting idly by. In those situations, will you stand and be counted? Lt. Col. Frank Slade sure did.

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