Start the Year with a Solid SharePoint Strategy

(This webinar is currently available to view for free on-demand: OPTIMIZE YOUR SHAREPOINT STRATEGY THIS YEAR)

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We’re presenting “Optimize Your SharePoint Strategy This Year”, a special partner-fueled Fpwebinar that looks at the different SharePoint deployment strategies and tips that can help you develop a strong business plan and move your organization forward with a tried and true SharePoint implementation strategy.

Do you want SharePoint to perform like the enterprise solution it’s supposed to? is joined by Eric Riz, Founder and CEO of Empty Cubicle, Inc. and he’s no stranger at helping clients’ SharePoint deployments perform like the enterprise solution it needs to be. He’s here to help you create the tangible, conceptual workplace that you’ve always wanted SharePoint to be!

The Strategic SharePoint conversation is focused on creating the RIGHT strategy for your SharePoint deployment. The session was initially created by Eric to address an obvious gap in the SharePoint space – the fact that many organizations deploy SharePoint for non-strategic reasons and use it as a stop-gap instead of the strategic enterprise tool Microsoft intended it to be.

If you implemented SharePoint as a document management tool for one department, you fall into that category. Compare it to buying a Porsche and simply driving it up and down your driveway – not quite as the manufacturer intended… The question is, how do you establish a SharePoint journey that incorporates strategy, alignment, product and adoption? In this webinar, we’ll discuss this point and many others, so please join us for an action-packed session!

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Webinar attendees will automatically be entered for the chance to win a free conference pass to SPTechCon Austin, February 8-11, 2015, where you can meet Eric in person at one of his sessions: “10 Steps to SharePoint Adoption” and “Making SharePoint Strategic”. SPTechCon Austin is a great opportunity to meet with some of the best SharePoint movers and shakers in the industry and help you ensure you’re getting the most from the platform.

About Fpwebinars

Since webinars can sometimes be considered a dirty word, think of these more as individual, info-packed orbs of tutorial excellence. We get right to the point because who has time for these things anyway? Expect a 20 minute glimpse at the topic of the month along with a Question and Answer section at the end of each presentation. Each Fpwebinar features an expert for the featured discussion – typically one of our partners or a member of our SharePoint Team. If you are able to join the presentation live then you have the chance to win prizes that range from Windows products or software to conference passes. For everyone else, our talks are available on-demand almost immediately afterwards. And since we’re here to help, we crowd source our topics of conversation for the next webinar at the end of each presentation so be sure to fill out our survey and let us know what you would like covered next!

About Eric Riz

Eric works with many Fortune 500 companies on their business adoption, change management and deployment strategies to help maximize their benefits of Microsoft technologies and successfully implement SharePoint-based solutions. Two-time recipient of the Microsoft SharePoint MVP award for his expertise and contributions to the community, Eric is a thought-leader in the SharePoint business space and a regular contributor to many industry journals and newsletters as well as a speaker, strategist and author. (His current work in progress, “SharePoint for Decision Makers” is available for pre-order on Riz has developed and facilitated management and technology sessions throughout North America and spoke at conferences around the world. Follow him on Twitter @rizinsights and read his latest articles at

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