Booth 209 shows how FLEXible we are

2011-10-04T09:10:34+00:00 October 4th, 2011|

Day 3 of SPC11.  Weather in Anaheim: Slightly cloudy with a chance of SharePoint. As the swag dwindles and Beatles music plays upstairs, Boothzilla is only getting stronger.  The dance party yesterday attracted some pretty interesting Jagger impressions and left three lucky SharePointers with a free Disney pass and $100 to [...] is giving away DisneyLand tickets!

2011-10-03T12:50:06+00:00 October 3rd, 2011|

First of all, if you aren’t in Anaheim at SPC11, I apologize, but it will be very difficult for you to win… For the lucky thousands that are roaming this Convention Center on a half cloudy/half rainy day, its go time!  At 4:45pm there’s one question you need to ask [...] at SPC11

2011-10-02T09:13:12+00:00 October 2nd, 2011|

People, we are right in the thick of it.  SharePoint has taken over.  Save yourself… The Microsoft SharePoint Conference has kicked off and it’s impressive.  Thousands of people with infinite amounts of free branded pens are perusing the conference halls and trying to find a fit for their SharePoint needs [...]