Allow Anonymous Access for SharePoint 2010 and IIS 7

2014-06-25T08:30:06+00:00 June 25th, 2014|

I recently ran into a problem with Anonymous Access in SharePoint 2010. It was setup correctly in Central Administration – on the site, the Anonymous user had access, and in IIS, the site had Anonymous Authentication allowed.  And yet, for some reason, I still could not get in anonymously. […]

URL Canonicalization with IIS7

2009-02-05T12:44:50+00:00 February 5th, 2009|

I’ve found a lot of stuff on URL canonicalization with Apache since Google’s Matt Cutts brought it up over 2 years ago, but it seems that very few discuss Canonizing URLs within an IIS7 environment. Let’s first be sure we all know what “URL Canonicalization” is.  “Canonical” URLs are the [...]