Managed Cloud Backup

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Last week we posted a nifty infographic about managed SharePoint. It includes a section with the top five causes of data loss: 44% hardware malfunction 32% human error 14% software corruption 7% virus/malware attack 3% natural disaster Every organization would be wise to protect itself against data loss with comprehensive backup [...]

Managed SharePoint Infographic

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SharePoint managed by the experts at Simplify your SharePoint infrastructure with AWS, Azure, or Streamline SharePoint with Absolute Support®. Protect SharePoint with backup and disaster recovery.

Managed SharePoint Backup

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Comprehensive SharePoint backup services to the cloud or locally for all your collaboration content, managed by the experts, unburdens your team to work on what matters most. We'll backup your data from SharePoint 03, 07, 10, 13, 16, SharePoint Online, Exchange, Exchange Online, Office365,  OneDrive, and personal file shares. You [...]

SharePoint Private Cloud Hosting vs. Office365 SharePoint Online

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Considering moving your SharePoint environment to the Cloud? “Cloud” is certainly the hot topic in IT right now, and for good reason. Moving your IT infrastructure to the Cloud promises greater flexibility and lower overhead costs. But not all clouds are created equal. For SharePoint cloud hosting, there are two [...] Needed to Enhance Office365

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We often get asked who our competitors are. Obviously, there are companies out there who also host SharePoint, but the short answer is that we don’t think of them as competitors.  What we have is our own FLEXible Hosted SharePoint that does exactly what our customer needs it to do.  [...]

Office365: Good for SMB, Bad for Partners

2011-08-30T07:00:41+00:00 August 30th, 2011|

Seems like Microsoft still isn’t listening to its partners.  Just like the old BPOS, MS still wants to own the customer and bill them directly (possibly eliminating the partner) for Office365. Microsoft is selling the “direct billing” issue as it takes the hassle out of billing for the Partner.  But [...]