The Difference: Reliable Network

2014-08-05T08:53:30+00:00 August 5th, 2014|

This blog series addresses what customers can expect from their hosted SharePoint from Each post will focus on different strengths that set apart in the industry and help you make an informed decision for your hosting needs. Also, check out Part One:’s Customer Care, Part Two:’s Serious Security and Part Three:’s Powerful [...]

Don’t Fear the Cloud, Embrace It

2014-07-21T08:42:38+00:00 July 21st, 2014|

What the Cloud Can Mean for Your Business So by now everyone is tired of the term cloud and for good reason as it has likely been pushed down your throat for the past couple years. But despite it being a buzzword in the IT industry, I think some people hear the [...]

Scaling SharePoint: Planning For Future Growth

2013-05-30T06:02:47+00:00 May 30th, 2013|

SharePoint Scalability comes up in most conversations we have with customers. What do you do if you outgrow your environment? Plan for it! We host quite a few SharePoint farms here at and typically, our customers opt to start with a single server or a smaller farm with the [...]

SharePoint 2013 Hosting Offerings in Cloud

2012-11-12T14:58:01+00:00 November 12th, 2012|

The global leader in SharePoint Hosting announces its latest service St. Louis, Mo. (Nov 2012) –, the premier SharePoint Hosting provider, has announced its full line of dedicated SharePoint 2013 hosting offerings. These products will be added to their deep SharePoint Private Cloud hosting portfolio that includes SharePoint 2007 [...]