SharePoint Admin Support

Guide to Becoming a Successful SharePoint Administrator

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8 Skills Every SharePoint Administrator Must Know Quality SharePoint Admins are hard to come by. It’s a complicated technology to begin with, and once you train someone they become a target for recruiters almost immediately. Recently, I was contacted by a local HR professional on LinkedIn asking for advice on what makes [...]

Keep Specialized, Admin Support on Retainer 24/7

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A no nonsense, easy way to add SharePoint Admins to your team. According to, the average salary for a SharePoint Administrator is $78K. That number easily and often reaches six figures. And that number doesn’t take into account the time spent training (both initial and continued education around the [...]

Explaining Managed Services for On-Premises SharePoint

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How’s Managed Services Move Your Business Forward They say the best defense is a good offense. We say it with football games mostly these days, but it originates from military strategy. Taking the offensive by attacking first helps eliminate the enemy’s chance to attack altogether. The same can be [...]

Top 10 Admin Support Services to Outsource

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Outsourcing Administrative Support Helps You Win the SharePoint Battle Throughout my tenure as a SharePoint Support Engineer, I’ve encountered countless clients who are all experiencing the same IT pain points. Doesn’t matter where they are or even how long they’ve been using the Microsoft platform. The popular issues are typically outsourced [...]