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Organize Your Work Life with SharePoint Calendars

2015-04-29T10:07:20+00:00 April 29th, 2015|

How to Set Up SharePoint Calendars and Stay On Track Spring is in full swing, and as part of your Spring Cleaning at work, perhaps you’ve organized all your old documents on SharePoint. Maybe you’re starting to feel like your work life is back on track. And yet, every night as you leave [...]

Partner Post: Adding Hoozin to’s Private Cloud

2014-04-29T09:15:34+00:00 April 29th, 2014|

  (The following is part of the new Partner Spotlight series:) What is Hoozin: Well, our website says ‘Hoozin is an out-of-the-box Application Platform compatible with SharePoint. Use Hoozin Applications to shorten your application development and deployment time, boost productivity and socialize your applications. Available on-premises or in the Cloud’. [...]

Calling All MOSS ISVs – Visit Us at

2009-03-20T15:12:31+00:00 March 20th, 2009|

Hi everyone, Long time, no blog, well, I’m back in the saddle and writing again. The team and I have a busy schedule next week. We are speaking at, I am meeting with Microsoft and an ISV in Seattle and then I’m having lunch at the White House. [...]