Managed SharePoint Infographic

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SharePoint managed by the experts at Simplify your SharePoint infrastructure with AWS, Azure, or Streamline SharePoint with Absolute Support®. Protect SharePoint with backup and disaster recovery.

Need some help managing your Microsoft apps? Fpweb has the solution for your situation.

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The Situation Due to a sizable capital infrastructure investment, or due to compliances, security issues, or other regulations, you’re keeping your data in-house. Our Solution will handle your monitoring, maintenance, patching, upgrades, and support. We can add to your IT talent pool with a full team of Microsoft platform specialists. [...]

Five Ways Outsourcing Benefits Your Business

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More and more business processes are being outsourced… According to a Statista report, revenue from outsourced global services rose from 45.6 billion dollars in 2000 to 104.6 billion dollars in 2014. People are outsourcing their IT processes all over the world and both the company outsourcing and the company doing the work [...]

Adding Administrative Support to Your Team

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Understanding’s Admin Support “Hourly Banks” Hourly Banks. What are they? How can I use them? How many hours of support do I get? These are the current questions we hear when discussing our new Hourly Banks services with not only potential customers, but current customers too. What are Hourly Banks? [...]

What a Difference Good Support Makes

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If you’re purchasing a product from a company that has a service department, get an idea of how well they support their customers and their products before you make the purchase. Never underestimate the importance of receiving the help you need, the second you need it. Certain products require support [...]

The Difference Part One: Customer Care

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Developing or reevaluating your business IT strategy is never easy. It takes careful consideration and exhaustive research. You want the most for your money and you want a solution that covers you in every way. On-premise or the Cloud. Private or Public Cloud. This hosting company or the other. Someone [...]

Create a Support Request with’s Support Portal

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Sometimes you need support. As always, we want to make sure you get it as soon as possible – and we also want to make sure that you know exactly how to create a support ticket so the ball can start rolling on your request.  The Engineers (some call them [...]

NEW Live Concierge Service

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We’ve all been there. You call a company because you have a question, concern, or just need some quick information. Then it happens–the one thing you were praying you wouldn’t hear when you called: an automated voice system. All you want to do is speak to a real person, but [...]

SharePoint Help Desk & Support for Hire

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Want to keep SharePoint on-premise but can’t support it? You are not alone. can help with our fully managed online support services. We have folks coming to us regularly who have decided to keep SharePoint on-premise for compliance or control reasons. Unfortunately, they are finding it increasingly difficult to [...]