Take Care of the Customer; Take Care of Business

Don’t Neglect Your Company’s Greatest Asset

New Customers OnlyHave you ever sat around with your co-workers and debated the value of each role within the company? Who can truly say “without me, there’d be no company”? Well, I’ve participated and even argued the importance of my role, but if everyone stopped to really think about it… we’d all come to the same conclusion that no companies exist without one person… the customer!

They’re the ones putting their money and trust in your product and service, keeping the lights on at your business.

Sometimes I think not everyone recognizes that. Businesses can get buried under cumulative efforts of advertising, creating, distributing, etc. that they forget who it’s all for. And, worst of all, they forget the existing clients who deserve the utmost in customer care.

The Most Irritating & Annoying Thing That Can Happen in Retail

Buying a new phone can really grind your gears. Have you ever shopped for a new phone while you happen to already be a paying customer? I don’t doubt that everyone has experienced the pleasure of walking in, seeing a great new phone that carries a price tag just barely fitting your price range, but when you inquire how much it will be to add to your existing plan you find out it might as well be a thousand dollars.  While you’re suffering “sticker shock” from the ‘ol bait and switch, the next guy, a first time customer, moseys up to the counter with the same phone and receives it for free, along with a new Maserati and season tickets to the Opera.  Confused, you ask for that same offer and the clerk shakes with laughter.

Treat Current Customers with the Same Appreciation as New Customers

It’s a serious problem with businesses. Why would you treat some customers differently than others? Sure, every company wants new business, but why do so in a way that creates dissension among your current clients by not sharing the savings?

Not the case with Fpweb.net.  We value all customers, both new and current. As I mentioned earlier, we are well aware that we exist thanks to your trust and support. In that vein, 2013 has been all about adding extra value to every dedicated SharePoint environment. Our business is to make yours easier. By outsourcing your SharePoint infrastructure to our experts, your business can focus on pressing initiatives that push you ahead in your industry. And since SharePoint is our only focus, we are constantly trying to find ways to improve your existing environment and offer ways to make things easier for you.

Fpweb.net Has SharePoint Offers for Everyone

If you have been paying attention, we started the year with free SharePoint migrations to any version and we’ve currently followed that up with a SharePoint March Madness offer for everyone!   This isn’t just a perk for someone looking to join the Fpweb.net hosting family but also to those loyal and valued customers already hosting with us.

Here’s how it works:  Everyone saves 10% on their one-year, prepaid, dedicated SharePoint environment – regardless of whether you’re coming on board, upgrading your current environment or simply renewing for another year.  We think everyone deserves the Maserati!  (Editor’s Note: Maseratis are only available with a 500 year prepaid plan…)

Don’t hesitate any longer, fill out the form or give us a call, and we’ll get you that Maser…  er, uh, 10% discount!

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