Teamwork Closes Out’s Blogging Challenge

trophyWell, thanks for reading! 

We set out to publish 31 blogs – one for each day in January – and we succeeded.

It’s not to say it wasn’t without a bit of anxiety and a bit of stress that is inherent in the publishing process – whether that means brainstorming ideas, chasing down blogs, restructuring/optimizing each one, handing rewrites, etc. – but it’s done! We will return to publishing a few a week (which is still a lot but quite frankly just seems like child’s play at this point).

If you remember back to the beginning of the year when we accepted the blogging challenge, this whole thing was dreamed up by HubSpot as a way to get businesses actively creating more content for their website. And while, we already keep it pretty fresh around these parts, who isn’t up for pushing themselves every once in a while? So we did.

And I have a couple points to make as a result:

We wrote and published 31 blogs.

If you run a blog, you know that’s no easy feat. As a Senior Copywriter, I enjoyed the challenge. On top of the Marketing day-to-day dance, I manage’s blog, (which is no cake walk) and when you set out to triple your output for an entire month, it takes a bit of moxie, if I may say so myself.

Which brings me to my next point…

I couldn’t have done it without the help of the entire company. Every department had a hand in making our January Blogging Challenge happen. At the end of December last year, myself and Brianna Smith, our Marketing Coordinator, announced our intentions to blog hard in January. From Support to Customer Care to the SharePoint/Project Team even up to the CEO, everyone wanted in on the action, and their help alone made it possible.

We even turned it into a healthy competition where the department who submits the most blogs (myself excluded) would win a free lunch. And being able to kick back with your team members on someone else’s dime is enough motivation for any of us.

And it was certainly a tight race at the end.

The Support Team and the SharePoint Team were properly battling it out until, at the last minute, the Marketing Team surged ahead. Everything seemed wrapped up, but not to be outdone, the Support Team kicked it into overdrive and secured what would appear to be the last-minute win. That is, IF the SharePoint team hadn’t submitted a blog at 11:58pm on the last day of eligibility to throw this whole thing into one big tie! You can’t make this drama up people!

So, while we figure out how to reward just about everyone for their efforts, I think it’s clear that the Blogging Challenge was a big win for more than just one department – it was a great way to kick the year off with a team-building exercise aimed at pushing your department to be the best, all in the name of helping out the bottom line.

I must admit as well, I had a lot of fun stirring up the different departments. I would start an IM with the Support Manager, Joe Bohac and let him know that Marketing just submitted four blogs and can he match it? Then I’d pick up the phone with the Project Manager, Eddie Acelar and explain that I think Support is hoarding blogs and may make a last minute attack at the prize. Nothing like riling everyone up a bit to stack the numbers.

A big thanks to all involved

But the results are in and, all in all, my blogs excluded, I received almost 30 blogs from my coworkers. Which is amazing.

So thank you to HubSpot for challenging us to push ourselves and a very big thank you to everyone at who went the extra mile to lighten the blogging burden and make January a big success. Looks like we’re on track for a great year filled with great opportunities!

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  1. Steve Rupp February 1, 2014 at 7:05 pm - Reply

    Good job everyone!

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