TechEd 2014: What brought to Houston booth techedIt wasn’t long after the announcement was made over the PA system that the expo floor was opening and the sea of people began swarming down the halls filling every open space when the booth across from us began their battle cry: FREE SHIRTS! FREE SHIRTS! FREE SHIRTS!

That would be the background music for my first day at TechEd North America 2014.

Bringing Dedicated SharePoint Hosting to TechEd

Times have changed and conversations at conferences like this no longer take the time to explain SharePoint or the Cloud – now they focus directly on what limitations we can remove or functionality that we can add to your environment.

Yes, if you haven’t been told by myself or one of my colleagues yet – is a private, dedicated SharePoint Cloud which can be explained very simply.

We are experts at SharePoint hosting.

It’s your dedicated resources.

In a private cloud environment.

Hosted in our datacenter.

And backed by our experts.

To elaborate a tiny bit more, I would explain that you can have all of the control and access that you’re used to with an on-premises environment, but now you have all the availability, security and performance of the private cloud.

If your admins or developers are looking for server access so they can add custom code or web parts to help solve a business need – go for it. It’s yours to do with what you want.

And if your tinkering ends up breaking your site, just give us a call or submit a ticket and thanks to our average ticket response time being under six minutes, our Support Team will get you fixed up in no time.

The Difference Between and Office 365 at techedAgain, I’ll start with the short answer.

Office 365 is a public, shared space.

We are a private, dedicated space.

Office 365 will place operational limitations on your SharePoint environment and even limit the SharePoint features you can utilize. Their shared resources are typically more appropriate for small businesses or organizations that do not need to customize their environment or work with any third party web parts.

To help spell it out a little more clearly, please check out our latest eBook: “Is Office 365 Right For Your Business?” It’s a handy little guide to finding the perfect SharePoint Cloud for your business needs.

And, Did Somebody Say Swag?

If you met us at the Microsoft SharePoint Conference in Vegas, you should know that we have a way of handling conference swag items. We basically live by a few principles in the conference world: our giveaways are going to be nice and we choose our items by considering what conference attendees could find useful.

Sure we love when you’re walking around with stuff with our name on it, but we also want our giveaways to solve a problem or address a need – because that’s what we do at – find the solution for you business.

teched emergency phone chargerWith that in mind, for TechEd 2014, we have brought the pens, the hand sanitizers and the ever-so-popular Emergency Phone Chargers.

Always a hit, these little bad boys just need a charge and then they’ll be there for you when you’re sitting in a session and your phone dies or you’re on the move so much that you don’t have time to stop and plug into the wall. We love them and you all seem to as well, so be sure to stop by and grab them before we run out!

So Come Say Hi! is at Booth 535 and we’re looking forward to meeting you and having a conversation around what we can do to help your business.

We even have a Partner Program (and Jill our Channel Program Manager is here!) where you can earn discounts and commissions for working with us to find a solution for your clients. Be sure to ask how you can get started.

I expect today to be another great day at TechEd albeit maybe a quieter one (for alas, the booth across from us has run out of tshirts…)

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