The Advantage of a Small Business in a Big World

Small Business in a Big WorldDoes Company Size Really Matter in Business? Well, of course!

The benefits of a large enterprise are plentiful, but we’re not here to talk about them. What about the David in a world of Goliaths? Let’s discuss some of the advantages a small business has over a big company.

As someone who has been employed by both sides, there are three advantages that stand out to me: personal touch, size, and working environment. I’ll go into detail about each and you can let me know if you agree or not in the comments.

1. That Good ‘ol Personal Touch

Building a customer base is important when you’re a smaller company. Owners and their employees take the time to make a connection with their customers. Similar to larger organizations, it’s important to provide a great customer experience so that people will continue to do business with you, but it is often better felt from a smaller company.

You can usually tell a big company from a smaller one just by calling in. You’ll either deal with a digital voice or a human one. I can speak for many who get frustrated when calling in for support and get stuck listening to a computer which redirects you for the next 20 minutes. As soon as we call a business, we all hope and pray for a human to answer and point us in the right direction. That personal touch is important and most large companies can’t make it happen. Personally, I’m a happier customer when I know the person behind the counter or on the phone took the time to help and cares.

It’s important to small businesses to interact with their customers and ensure that they are taken care of on all levels.  Corporations really do not see the immediate need to connect and build relationships, for some this is viewed as a waste of time. Their main focus is around “the number”, however, the bottom line is that people like getting attention and interacting with one another. Customers feel better knowing you’re not just a dollar sign to them.

2. Making Your Size Matter

A small business owner tends to be more in tune with their company, employees, and the needs of their customers. Having flexibility, along with the ability to launch new ideas and solve problems quicker is advantageous. Coming up with a new marketing strategy to announce changes can take weeks or months for a large company because of all layers of red tape.

Branding is important to any sized company and having an effective brand gives you an advantage over your competition.  Smaller businesses tend to focus on a certain product and they become experts at it. Large companies have more to spend so they try several different products which leaves the door open for a small company to perfect that one product and cultivate a customer base that appreciate expertise.

Once the product is mastered and word gets out so people know you’re the best, your brand name can be around for a long time. The logo will be known for that product or service, and smaller companies tend to stay true to themselves, their customers, and their brand.

3. A Different Kind of Culture

As I mentioned earlier, bigger companies have policies and procedures in place along with corporate culture, and too many rules to follow. In a small company, the owner (who is often the founder) sets the tone for the company along with the policies. The tone of the company is more laid back (for some) and it’s nice to be able to come into work wearing jeans and a t-shirt versus a suit all the time.

People who work for a small business feel like a family. You interact with the same people every day and you become close to those people. Everyone has the same goal in mind which is to help the company succeed. People like to be heard and appreciated – not viewed as just another employee.

In the same way, CEOs of small businesses like to inspire their employees “family members”. Anyone who is willing to listen to their employees and make the necessary changes when needed will be successful as a business owner. That personal touch, as I mentioned earlier, is vital internally and externally to the success of a small company!

And, as always, happy employees equal happy customers.

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