The Cloud Webinars You May Have Missed in Last Year

In my opinion, one of the most exciting new things that we launched in 2013 was our new Fpwebinar series. The Fpwebinar series began in June 2013, and since its launch, we have held five exciting live cloud webinars.

What is an Fpwebinar?

The Fpwebinar series is a cloud webinar series where our cloud experts discuss common Cloud concerns that modern businesses face. During each live webinar, we examine the advantages and disadvantages to either side of the attendee chosen topic and help you identify what works best for your business. Each webinar concludes with a Q&A section to answer any cloud questions you have.

Here’s what you may have missed so far:

Battle of the Clouds: Public vs. Private Cloud Hosting

The Fpwebinar series launched with the “Battle of the Clouds: Public vs. Private Cloud Hosting” webinar. During our first webinar, presenters Steven Rupp and Jamal Pryor explored the plusses and minuses of shared & dedicated clouds, how to choose what’s best for your business, how to achieve unlimited customization & control of your environment, and when it is best to bring in a hosting provider to help.

When Clouds Collide: Understanding the Hybrid Cloud

In the second Fpwebinar, Steven returned accompanied by our resident Hybrid Cloud expert, Chris Schwab. Our second webinar focused on the hybrid cloud, the most voted for topic by previous webinar attendees. During the webinar, the duo dove into why the hybrid cloud has become so popular, the different forms that a hybrid cloud can take, and the benefits of choosing to go the hybrid cloud route so that you can make an informed decision as to whether or not the hybrid cloud has a role in your businesses cloud strategy.

Save the Farm: Disaster Recovery for SharePoint

The third Fpwebinar was our most popular live webinar, which explored what it means to have disaster recovery plan in place for your business. For this webinar, we brought in our two disaster recovery gurus, Jesse Roche and Joe Beyer. During this webinar, Jesse and Joe discussed:

  • What disaster recovery is
  • Why your company needs a disaster recovery plan
  • Recovery Point Objective
  • Recovery Time Objective
  • Cold Standbys, including the pros, cons, and cost savings
  • Warm Standbys, including the pros, cons, and cost savings
  • Hot Standbys, including the pros, cons, and why the cost is higher
  • How to use the hybrid cloud as an offsite failover

Keeping Control of Your Data in the Cloud

In our fourth webinar, President Chris Schwab returned with Joe Beyer to discuss how to make sure you always have control of YOUR data when you host it in the cloud. During this webinar, Joe and Chris explored the various areas that you need to focus to make sure you truly have control of your data in the cloud, including:

  • What to look for in your hosting contract
  • Why it is important to know where your data is located
  • Data Destruction
  • How to retain a copy of your data
  • What data is needed to recreate your environment
  • Tools to use to protect data from your users

Come Prepared: What to Bring to the Cloud Conversation

We finished 2013 with a webinar on how to prepare for the Cloud conversation with hosting providers once you have decided to move to the cloud. For our last webinar of the year President, Chris Schwab and VP of Sales, Jesse Roche sat down together to discuss the specific information that is important to gather when making that move to the cloud and why it is critical to getting your environment setup, this information includes:

  • How to prepare your current environment specs
  • How to “count” how many users you’ll need
  • How to establish your budget and “go live” date
  • How to manage data expectations & handle licensing 

Don’t think all the fantastic Fpwebinars were in 2013, because 2014 is already packed full with more exciting attendee-chosen Fpwebinars, including SharePoint Migrations and Cloud security. Make sure to sign up to receive future webinar alerts, and we’ll see you at the next Fpwebinar!

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