The Digital Marketing Guide to Choosing a Platform

(This webinar is currently available to view for free on-demand: A DIGITAL MARKETER’S GUIDE TO PLATFORM SELECTION)

And so the countdown begins to another great Fpwebinar! Fresh off the finish of our last one featuring Eric Riz discussing “Optimizing Your SharePoint Strategy This Year“, is proud to announce what’s next:

THE WHAT: “A Digital Marketer’s Guide to Platform Selection”

THE WHEN: February 11th, 2015 at 11am (EST)

THE WHO: We’ll be joined by Roundedcube, the experts in enterprise-level digital marketing and trusted Sitecore partner.

THE WHY: To help you understand the key factors that all digital marketers face when traversing the world of CXM platforms that are out there. We’ll help you create a short list of solutions that will best fit your business. Also, you’ll learn how to give your marketers control over the website by meeting their technical needs while also meeting your budgetary needs.

THE HOW: In just 20 minutes or so, we’ll present all the ways that you can be successful in the world of digital marketing.

Here is a quick overview of what you can expect from this very helpful presentation:

The Fpwebinar’s Nitty Gritty Details:

  • The Challenge – We discuss the evolution of “CXM” as a response to the growth of digital marketing technology and now the sea of platform choices and complex decision factors
  • The Strategic Shift – First we must recognize the context in which marketers must operate – the strategic organizational shift required involving new roles and the concept of the digital maturity model
  • Provide Tactical Approach – It’s time to look at the specific questions/choices that can be used to narrow the field of platforms to a short list by which you can feasibly conduct an evaluation – and further, a list of areas by which to evaluate which is best for your organization.
  • What’s Next – At the strategic level, you must first understand where your organization is today in the digital maturity model and develop a roadmap to get where you want to be. Then at the tactical level, use these platform questions to end up with a short list of relevant, well-matched platforms to evaluate. Lastly, let’s detail your evaluation factors and weighting. We can help you get started by conducting a brief digital maturity model survey of your organization and then providing some recommendations.
  • Q&A Time – Let’s dive into your specific scenarios and address the best game plan for you.

Oh, and there’s a prize, of course:

All attendees will be eligible to win a copy of Windows 8 PRO for participating in our Fpwebinar. Just our way of saying thanks!

About Our Presenter, Aaron Branson:

aaron bransonAs Chief Marketing Officer for Roundedcube, a digital marketing and system integration agency, Aaron Branson is responsible not only for the agency’s own marketing strategy, but also for the UX and digital marketing services provided to its clients. Having helped guide the agency since 2002, Aaron has 15 years of experience in digital marketing, UX, and web project management.

He has been consulting and training marketers on the use of the Sitecore Experience Platform since 2005 and holds several certifications including Sitecore Certified Marketer, Sitecore Certified Administrator and Sitecore Certified Website HTML Developer.

You can keep up with his blogs on the topic of digital marketing strategies and tactics at

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