The Partner Program: Four New Ways to Partner Partner ProgramAt, we have always worked closely with SharePoint resellers, consultants and referral leads to help bring customers to our hosted SharePoint solutions. For the last couple years, we’ve developed partnerships with some great businesses and have learned what it takes to make a great relationship. The feedback from this coupled with the hard work of several of our internal teams has led us to announce:

The new Partner Program is finally here!

With this new launch, we’re offering new options for our partners to not only earn commissions on their sales and leads, but also to participate in joint marketing opportunities that boost their business as well as enjoy complimentary sales training around our products. now has four individual ways to partner, they include becoming an Affiliate Partner, Reseller Partner, Technology Partner, or Services Partner. Each program is designed to simplify the relationship between you and your client while also giving you the peace of mind that their solution is safely backed by the expert support of

The Four Ways to Partner with Affiliate ProgramAn Affiliate Partner can earn a percentage on the initial sale simply by passing us a lead. If that lead turns into a customer with a three month agreement you will earn 10%, a six month agreement will earn you 12% and a twelve month agreement will earn you 15%. Not a bad way to make a few dollars partnering with the leading provider of SharePoint Hosting… Reseller ProgramIf you decide you want to step it up a bit and get involved in the sales process, we have a program for you.  The Reseller Partner Program trains you to sell our hosting plans and you can take your discount and sell the plan at the cost that fits you. A three month agreement will be discounted at 10% every time they renew at three months, a six month agreement will be discounted at 12% every time they renew at six months and a twelve month agreement will be discounted at 15% again every time they renew at twelve months. This is a great program to add cloud hosting to your services and start earning additional revenue. Technology PartnerOur partners who have SharePoint related products that stack on top of SharePoint can be a part of our Technology Partner Program. This partnership allows us to begin offering these add-ons in our solutions. Most of these partners would also participate in either the Affiliate or Reseller programs, but as a technology partner we can start to engage in webinars together, co-sponsor events and even develop specific hosting plans around your product where it makes sense. Services PartnerWe also have a Services Partner Program for partners who provide services such as consulting around SharePoint. Again, these partners can participate in the Affiliate program or Reseller program as well, but Services Partners will play a big role when we are engaging a customer that needs a service. We will be able to look at your expertise and pair you up with our customers to provide additional services that we do not. Being a Services or Technology Partner is a great opportunity for us to work closely together to jointly market our products. In addition, we will have a place on our website for your approved logo and will share our approved logos in our welcome kit with you as well.

This is just a brief overview of our new Partner Program as more details will be listed on our brand new Partner Program Section of our website. This program is just getting started and will continue to grow in the coming months. We gladly welcome your ideas and suggestions to help us provide the best Partner Program possible.

As the Channel Partner Manager at, I will be joining our CEO and President at Microsoft’s 2013 World Partner Conference in Houston, Texas, July 7th through July 11th. We will have a booth in the Microsoft Hosting Partner Pavilion and, if you’re in the area, please stop by and we can chat about our new partner program.

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