The SharePoint Services Added in 2013

As 2013 takes one final breath before curling up to be hidden forever beneath the collective weight of forgotten fitness regimes, Miley Cyrus references and other remnants of a year gone by, is happy to call this year a success.

You see, 2013 wasn’t just about continuing to offer a white-glove SharePoint service for companies seeking to outsource to the experts – it was about building upon that service.

We spent the year creating resources for our customers that would add value to their SharePoint environment. And it was a busy year. From monitoring to migrations, we listened to you and partnered with some of the best in the business to bring your business the tools it needs to make your SharePoint environment a success.

Almost every month of 2013 featured a special promotion from, and several additional resources were introduced to help customers create the perfect hosted SharePoint environment to fit their business.

Let’s review some of the resources that added in 2013:

The Free SharePoint Migration

When SharePoint 2013 was introduced at the end of 2012, we spoke with many companies that groaned at the thought of upgrading their environment after having just migrating to SharePoint 2010. We went straight to work seeking out a partner to provide a very important service for our customers – a free SharePoint migration. Thanks to MetaVis and the MetaVis Migrator, we are able to offer a free migration to SharePoint 2010 or SharePoint 2013 for all of our customers.

The Partner Program

In 2013, we built upon our popular Reseller program to create a much more fulfilling Channel Partner Program that simplifies the relationship between you and your client. Corey VanDyke took the program’s helm as the Channel Partner Manager and helped develop four ways to earn commissions with through an affiliate, reseller, technology and services program. Since then, has been building a network based upon easy, natural fits that are mutually beneficial.

The New Fpwebinar Series

The traditional webinar was becoming something of a dirty word. Too long and not enough time spent on the key topic. Our Fpwebinars do their best to cut right to the chase and give you information on the topics you chose from two of our resident experts in a sort of podcast presentation that couples their enthusiasm for the topic with a helpful guide to follow along with. Each Fpwebinar ends with a Q&A section that provides the answers you need for your specific scenario.

The Service Suite

This truly all-inclusive service features your SharePoint in the starring role as directed by our experienced SharePoint administrators. The Service Suite was introduced after an outcry for “a SharePoint service that just works” from businesses that don’t necessarily have the time or team to manage their SharePoint services and desire a more ‘turn-key approach’. From planning to deployment to customization, handles everything that SharePoint has to offer so you can just focus on innovating for your business.

Advanced Monitoring and Alerts

Once again, we turned to a partner to help create a comprehensive solution to a customer request. Our Solarwinds Server and Application Monitoring tool is capable of diagnosing customer infrastructures so you’re always one step ahead of any missteps. From gauging your system’s health and alerting you to any inconsistencies, our new Advanced Monitoring and Alerts service has kept customer’s environments highly available and fully functional so they never have to worry about a hiccup becoming a catastrophe.

The 30 Day Risk-Free Hosting Trial

When introduced an easy way to receive instant quotes online or even to instantly purchase the SharePoint Foundation plan that fits your business, we knew we needed to add a cherry on top. That’s how our 30 Day Risk-Free SharePoint Hosting Trial came about. Now, along with instant quotes that you can purchase online, we are adding the peace of mind of a guaranteed trial period where you can try out your new hosted SharePoint farm and, if you’re not impressed, we don’t charge you!

So, it’s been a busy year.

And while it’s been a lot of work rolling out these features, we’re proud to say that they help make us the premier SharePoint hosting provider in the world. With millions of users in over 80 countries, remains a one-stop shop for your SharePoint needs. From our support to our customer care to our products, we handle SharePoint so your New Year can be dedicated to your business.

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