The Fpweb Value in a Nutshell

People want the information, not the sales pitch. It’s something I even have to remind myself after downing that double expresso and jumping onto a phone call with a potential client.

When you’re looking for a product or service, the last person you want to talk to is the Sales Rep. They have a reputation of clouding the conversation with pushy tactics, too many questions, vague or generalized statements, or just miss the point of the conversation completely.

They may think that their product will change the world, but until they clearly explain why, you’re moving on to someone who will. 

We receive information in different ways. With Hosted SharePoint for example, each provider may position their service differently and it may seem like you’re comparing apples to oranges. So, in an effort to make as transparent as possible as you navigate the SharePoint hosting world, I’ve put together a brief but informational blog that not only talks about our Hosting Services, but also the valuable information we have for the SharePoint Community such as tutorials, webinars, etc.

The Fpweb SharePoint Information Warehouse!

Video Tutorials: Oh yes, we love tutorials! Anything ranging from 2007, 2010, to 2013 SharePoint. It’s there, and we’re always adding more!

Joe Knows Support: Okay, so there’s this guy that goes around the office cracking jokes, drinking all the coffee in the office, often simultaneously playing the guitar and leading our SharePoint Support Team. His name is Joe Bohac and he’s the star of our recent video series, “Joe Knows Support” – a collection of useful, general IT and SharePoint tutorial videos that even have his dry humor mixed in.

FREE eBooks: Looking for some short and sweet literature to occupy some free time? Grab a coffee and quickly download one of’s free SharePoint and Cloud-focused eBooks.

Blogs: Our site wouldn’t be complete without a blog page. Here you’ll find blogs submitted by all facets of our organization. From the front line SharePoint Architects and Administrators, to the receptionist, HR, CEO, and more.

Partner Programs: Maybe you’re not wanting to purchase hosted services for your internal use. But, rather you have clients that would be a great fit. has four different ways you can partner to start earning commissions. We can remain as visible as you want throughout the sales process. We’re here to make it work for you and your clients. Together we can handle any project!

SharePoint Webinars: And it wouldn’t be complete without a monthly Webinar series, entitled Fpwebinars! Here you can watch our previously recorded sessions or join the live recordings that focus on tackling common cloud concerns followed by a live Q&A at the end.

Okay, so everything is ready. The boss has given the green light and it’s time to see what everyone has to offer.

Presenting the Advantage Hosting Services

We’ve been hosting Microsoft services since 1996 and have developed the best exports at supporting your infrastructure. Here is what we currently host:

SharePoint Add-on Services

  • Migrating: So your looking to move your 2007 site to 2010 or 2013? Well, in any kind of variation. After doing your homework, you then see the cost of software involved, along with labor….wow. Well, Fpweb can get the job done and take you to the cloud at the same time!

  • Service Suite: Well, not everyone has the staff to possess a SharePoint Administrator. With our Service Suite, Fpweb can take it from there. On a side note, all plans do come with our Base Support that covers the connectivity/troubleshooting up to the servers, along with general inquiries. When contacting you can request an informational PDF on either service.

  • Disaster Recovery: EVERYONE should always have a backup plan. When you host with Fpweb, you have multiple options that can meet your companies and industry requirements.

  • Advanced Monitoring and Alerts: This comprehensive solution helps you stay in front of any system hiccups so that you don’t have to worry about a minor issue snowballing into a major incident.

  • AD Integration: Connect your Active Directory with your Private Cloud, via a secure VPN tunnel and/or ADFS.

The Hosting Foundation Core Values

  • Our Support:This is our #1 BIGGEST VALUE we can add as your hosting provider. Everyone here at Fpweb is specifically trained around SharePoint. Many of which are MCITP certified. Our ticket initial response time averages six minutes which is practically unheard of in this business. We get things done quickly and correctly. When you have over 15+ years of experience hosting SharePoint specifically, along with 1 million+ end users globally, answering questions quickly and efficiently just comes naturally.

  • Security: Every enterprise datacenter must take the proper steps to ensure security. Not only virtually, but physically. We never stop monitoring, 24/7/365, and our plans come with a 100% financially-backed SLA. At, our datacenter is SSAE 16 SOC I Type II Certified. In addition, we have a second datacenter for those requiring a geographic backup in an offsite location.

  • Scalability: Quickly scale your environment on the fly. We have resources on standby to add RAM, VPUs, storage, and VMs. I’ve seen resources added as quickly as 10-15 minutes.
  • Full Customization: On your fully-dedicated cloud, you have the ability to completely customize. There are no restrictions on access to the Web Front End, SQL, Index/App, and Active Directory servers.
  • Your Own Relationship Manager: Ever get tired of calling into support or the main line and always getting a different person? Now you have to explain the situation over and over again… Yep, I’ve been there. With us, you receive a dedicated contact. Your very own customer advocate.

Did we mention our A+ BBB Rating with zero complaints? Just another thing that sets us apart in this industry.

So, feel free to reach out to us. We love talking SharePoint and we’d be happy to run through your project details. After our discussions, we can even set you up with a free demo lab to test one of our Private Cloud environments. We’re here for you so just let us know when you’re ready to get started.

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