The Life and Times of a SharePoint Relationship Manager

Amber Watson, SharePoint Relationship ManagerWelcome to my first blog… ever.  I’ve written and rewritten my initial introduction about 35 times. I finally decided to talk about what I know, what I’m still learning and what I hope to learn.

I know that I am quickly approaching my year anniversary with I know that this is one of the best jobs , with the best group of folks, that I’ve ever had. I know that I enjoy working directly with our customers and get to do so every day. I also know that I’m very curious and as a Relationship Manager, I get to work with and learn almost every role within Finally, I know that I dislike doing the same thing day after day and as a SharePoint Relationship Manager, that is not something I ever need to worry about!  I have a closet full of hats – sales, support, billing, and, sometimes, just that person who will listen to you. No day is the same, no hat the same – makes for a very happy Relationship Manager.

I’ve learned many things, the first of which is that I thought I knew a fair amount about SharePoint. It turns out, I only knew a little (and I stress little). What a fantastic tool!  In my previous life, I was a SharePoint user and even set up some basic intranet sites utilizing lists, statistical analysis and reporting, but WOW! – there is soooo much more. I’m fortunate to work with several amazing SharePoint engineers that school me each and every day on something new about SharePoint. I’ve learned that we’re not just a SharePoint hosting provider, but that the service we bring to our customers helps run their business and in some cases, is their business. I’ve learned about industries that I’ve never worked with before and most recently, have been educated on the finer points of certain governmental requirements (a shout out to my friends in the biotech field – fascinating stuff!)

I still have so many more things I want to learn – about SharePoint, this great place I work and, of course, my customers. I want to know about your business and how SharePoint plays a role in your success. What can we do to provide more value to your business? How are you using SharePoint? Do you have other projects that would benefit from SharePoint? Do you know about the current release of SharePoint and the many enhancements and newly embedded features? So, I guess what I’m telling our customers is…  call me!  I will listen, I will ask questions and I will help you meet your goals.

We’ve got some really special offers popping up lately that I’d love to explain to you. To ease the financial burden that SharePoint places on some companies, we partnered with MetaVis Technologies so we could offer a free SharePoint migration to any SharePoint version your company wants. And, for the month of March we’re offering 10% off your SharePoint environment for any customers signing up and prepaying for at least a one-year term.

P.S.  To all our current customers, if you’re interested in our March Madness offer  – give me a call directly and I might just have an additional surprise for you! You can reach me at 636-600-8959 or email me at [email protected]

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