The Life and Times of the Mark Miller Entourage

Mark Miller“End Users first, Beer Second, SharePoint third.”

The words of one of the Top SharePoint Online Influencers, Mark Miller.  An unconventional man with a signature look that makes him easy to spot – a cowboy shirt with an iconic hat.

Founder of and, people tend to know Mark, but more importantly, he knows people.  Talk to him for a bit and he’ll ask you if you’ve met this person or that person and soon he’ll be leading you over to coordinate the meeting. So knowing only a few SharePoint MVPs myself, I decided to follow Mark around.

Being in Mark Miller’s entourage is hectic.  Lots of handshakes, lots of names to remember. He’s a social animal and only stops talking long enough to adjust your Conference tag to make sure your name’s showing.  Every time he introduces people, it’s obvious that he loves connecting the community.

When Mark joined last month, he pulled me aside and said that along with copywriting, he’d like to see me transition into a Community Manager role for  Basically grab a hold of’s social medias and foster relationships.  Use them to do what Mark does, connect people.

So as I followed him along today at SPC11, we stopped so he could give a fifteen minute speech at Microsoft’s SharePoint Express booth.  A handful of people sat waiting and Mark hands me his camera and asks if I can get a few shots of the crowd when he starts.  Sure enough, as his presentation on the Top 5 Ways to get End User Buy-In begins, a crowd of twenty instantly becomes a crowd of thirty.  then fifty.  and then some – spilling outside of the booth area and into the aisles.

The man carries influence.  And as I followed him to lunch, meeting more people along the way, it was clear that he truly takes pleasure in his role as a SharePoint Influencer.  So make sure you shake his hand when you see him walking around.  Then be sure to shake the hand of the guy following close behind him…

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  1. Louise van der Bijl October 25, 2011 at 11:14 am - Reply

    Mark is an inspiration to the entire SharePoint community. He is always pushing us to do and be our best. A great mentor, friend and role model

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