The Return of Free SharePoint Migrations

Upgrading your SharePoint has never been easier… again!

backbypopulardemandYes, our free SharePoint Migration promotion is back.
And yes, it’s a wonderful thing.

As 80’s glam metal rockers Cinderella once sang, “You don’t know what you got ‘til it’s gone” and we can definitely appreciate the great feeling that results from something wonderful stepping into our lives and then disappearing for a little bit only to magically return right when we need it most. Kind of like our free SharePoint Migrations.

If you remember, we started slinging these bad boys at the start of the year as a celebration of two exciting events: the release of SharePoint 2013 and our recent partnership with MetaVis.

The response was great. Old and new customers were taking advantage of moving their environment from an old version of SharePoint to the latest – just like that. And for free! You were happy; we were happy – it was a great thing. And then it went away…

As these things do, our limited time promotion had to end (cue the boos and hisses). The success of free migrations had created quite a demand and thanks to the MetaVis Migrator tool that we used, we were able to easily move data from the nearly extinct WSS3.0 and outdated MOSS versions of SharePoint to the fresh face of SharePoint 2013. Even businesses that had recently invested in SharePoint 2010 were pleased to find they could migrate to SharePoint 2013 for free as well. We don’t discriminate.

But it ended.

And everyone was sad…

So we’re bringing it back!

Because we care.

(Also, it’s easily the most fitting way to end the Summer of SharePoint!)

So, BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND! (that’s always fun to say), we’re proud to announce that our FREE SharePoint Migrations are available again!

To refresh your memory, a free SharePoint migration involves taking data, wherever it may live at the moment, and migrating it to your favorite version of SharePoint for free.

Added bonus: Not only do you get the latest version of SharePoint, but your environment is now placed under the protective wing of which means it’s in a dedicated, private cloud that you control which benefits from increased security, speed and performance all while managed by experienced SharePoint professionals that support your SharePoint 24/7/365. Which is pretty spectacular.

Our CEO says it best:

“At, we make it our business to continually increase the value of your hosted SharePoint environment,” said CEO and Founder, Rob LaMear IV. “With free SharePoint migrations, we’re making it possible for your business to actually save money moving to a newer version of SharePoint while reaping the benefits of improved software and increased workplace productivity.”

In other words, by harnessing the power and ease of the MetaVis Migrator, is confident their SharePoint migrations will place your SharePoint infrastructure securely in a private SharePoint Cloud environment where your business can benefit from:

  • Deploying your infrastructure rapidly
  • Reducing your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • Easily scaling your SharePoint environment to fit your business
  • Expanding collaboration across your workforce
  • Receiving expert, experienced support for your infrastructure

That’s basically it. You have an old version of SharePoint. We have a free path to get you to the latest version of SharePoint. And a powerful, private cloud for it to rest on. All you have to do is request one while they’re still available!

To learn more or claim your FREE SharePoint Migration, please click the link below!

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