Top 10 Admin Support Services to Outsource

Outsourcing Admin SupportOutsourcing Administrative Support Helps You Win the SharePoint Battle

Throughout my tenure as a SharePoint Support Engineer, I’ve encountered countless clients who are all experiencing the same IT pain points. Doesn’t matter where they are or even how long they’ve been using the Microsoft platform.

The popular issues are typically outsourced due to an already overstaffed IT department or a team that’s too green with the complicated platform. Nevertheless, I decided to compile the ten most common issues that require dedicated administrative support. See if any of these issues have slowed you down in the past.

(Once I compiled the list, I had an interesting revelation – but more on that later. So without further ado and in no particular order:)


1. Planning and Implementation

Tons of factors such as, “How many degrees of parallelism” and “Drive number/allocation/size” make this a headache. Since each environment is unique, it’s difficult to adhere to best practices. It also requires input from experts in a vast array of fields such as Networking, SQL, and SharePoint to maximize efficiency. Combine this with the fact that many things are MUCH more difficult to correct later than to perform correctly the first time and it’s no wonder this is a common pain point.

2. Provisioning Services

Did you know that in SharePoint Server 2013, the App Store must be provisioned before Access Services 2013 can be used? If you answered “no,” you’re not alone. Due to several caveats and nuances that each service you provision carries, provisioning services can be a big time drain and require a higher level of expertise than initially expected.

3. Integrating Email

In my opinion, integrating email into your SharePoint environment is a must. The features this opens up not only help streamline your processes, but they also help with your user adoption of SharePoint. However, integrating this requires network rules, email relay rules, SharePoint rules, and DNS configuration. While you’re at it, try not to break any current email services for the domain.

4. Permissions

Go ahead and ask any SharePoint Admin if they have had an encounter with permissions issues. I’ll wait. Want an even better reason? Try redoing your entire permission structure because it wasn’t planned out beforehand.

5. Backups and Restores

You may say to yourself, “This is a pain point in every environment, SharePoint or not”, and you would be correct. Add the additional restrictions that a SharePoint site brings and this can become an even greater burden. You definitely don’t want to find out your Disaster Recovery strategy doesn’t work AFTER a disaster.

6. Workflows

A must for efficient use of a SharePoint site. While only moderately difficult to create and use, admins always hope it never needs to be fixed. Ouch!

7. People Picker

Out-of-the-box this is already configured. Now, an environment using trusts and filtering to a specific OU is another story completely.

8. Alternate Access Mappings

Really, this could be called IIS Bindings, Alternate Access Mappings, and SSL. All three work together, yet many people aren’t sure just how to make it happen. I can tell you this though, expenses brought on by having to re-order SSL’s and purchasing new domains are easily, and rarely, avoided.

9. Increasing Maximum Upload Size

Steps can be found online. We even have some tutorials here at Increasing the upload size is a typical and critical operation performed quite frequently. However, most admins are only successful implementing this about 10% of the time. Coincidentally, chances of your site being interrupted when this is not successfully implemented are about 90%, so do be careful.

10. Migrations and Upgrades

If you made it this far, you were probably wondering where this was. Well here you go! Easily one of the most difficult tasks to perform in any situation. Now your data is at risk and if you don’t do it right, you could lose your users and your investment. If only you knew somebody who’s done this before…..

Which brings me to my next point…

So what was my revelation? Well it’s simple really.

Each of these tasks has been done by myself or one of my fellow admins here at more times than we can count. It’s a necessary expertise to get the job done right and it’s the whole reason we created our new offering, Administrative Support Services!

What else do all the things above have in common (other than being such a pain)? They’re all issues that can be solved quickly and efficiently under this service. In fact, many of the above items are covered under our Level 1 Support!

If you’re interested in what’s covered by our additional admin support services, the short answer is ANYTHING! It doesn’t matter if you’re on-premises, hosted in a dedicated cloud like ours, a shared cloud like Office 365 or even in a custom hybrid environment, we can cover any need you may have.

So the next time you think, “I wish I knew someone who’s done this before,” call We can create a custom admin support hourly bank that fits your needs and helps solve your admin support needs without slowing your team down.

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