Touch the Red Fence: How preparation breeds success

What Encountering Wild Boars Teaches Us About Being Prepared

wild boarI had the privilege of recently meeting a top fitness guru in Florida who trains a multitude of pro athletes and security officers.

Among his typical training duties, he explained that he likes to get to the root of what motivates, moves or hinders people. To that end, one day he decided to test the stress reaction of two different professions: NFL defense linemen and FBI agents.

The first week he brought the NFL linemen in.

Now, you don’t have to know sports to know that NFL defense linemen are some of the strongest and toughest athletes in the world. They gathered around the trainer as he explained that today’s goal was to run down the nearby path for five miles and touch the red fence that awaited them at the end. The linemen all scoffed and snickered. Five miles was nothing to them.

Now they were given a warning. This was Florida after all and they should be aware that poisonous snakes could cross their path so be careful where you run. The men shrugged and, in general, seemed okay with this caution. Next, they were told to keep an eye out for gators as well. In Florida, the gators come up on the path faster than you’d imagine, drag you down and death roll you. Most of the scoffing stopped. The men seemed a bit more concerned, yet kept up appearances for the most part. One more thing, they were told, you need to watch out for wild boars. These things, native to the area, have been known to tear a 350 pound man to shreds. Avoid at all costs. Seeing one usually spells the end.

Now the men looked terrified.

Nevertheless, they were willing to take on the goal of running down and touching the red fence. What the men didn’t know was that a cameraman would be hiding in one of the bushes about a mile down the path. His instructions were simple. When he saw the men coming near, rattle the bushes and squeal “oink! oink!”.

The men left the starting line that day with obvious trepidation on their faces. With heads on a swivel, they nervously jogged along the path. As they approached the cameraman, he did exactly as instructed and rattled the bushes while squealing “oink! oink!” feverishly. The NFL players jumped out of their socks and scrambled off the path and retreated at top speed back to the starting tent, shaking the whole way.

The next week, the trainer brought in the FBI agents.

They received the same story with the same warnings of snakes, gators and wild boars. The FBI agents didn’t seem as rattled by this information as they lined up at the starting point. As they ran the path, they remained calm and focused on the goal. Once they reached the mile marker where the cameraman sat, he once more did as instructed and rattled the bushes while squealing “oink! oink!” at full volume. Immediately, the nearest agent whipped out his revolver and pointed it at the nearby bushes. Fearing for his life, the cameraman quickly jumped out screaming, “Stop! Stop! It’s just me!”. The agents holstered their weapons and continued down the trail before ultimately touching the red fence.

So why couldn’t the NFL linemen reach their goal but the FBI agents could?

The simple answer is preparation.

The FBI agents were prepared for anything that came their way which gave them the confidence to move forward unfettered. And while everyone loves a good story, forgive me as I share my personal takeaway:

I relate this directly to my job at As a hosting and management provider that deals with complicated technology everyday, this story reminded me why we don’t share our customer’s anxiety when they bring a problem our way. At, we come prepared. With answers. With resources. With expertise.

Nearly 20 years in the business and thousands of custom environments built by our hands means that we can handle anything that comes our way.

We have the dedicated staff to handle your needs – whether it’s a simple question or a lengthy project you need accomplished. You can count on to come prepared and ready with the correct tools to accomplish the tasks that keep you up and running. All departments work together as a one team to make sure your needs are met.

At, we know that during the day we may face snakes, gators, and yes, the occasional wild boar, but we’re prepared to handle whatever crosses our path to meet our end goal (our red fence, if you will): customer satisfaction.

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