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SharePoint Anywhere services

Some businesses are ready to put SharePoint in the cloud, some want to keep it on-premises and some are ready to do a bit of both.  No matter where your SharePoint currently lives, you still have the pain of maintaining it. Wouldn’t you like the freedom to choose where SharePoint lives and not have to worry about keeping it running?

Well, now you can with SharePoint Anywhere from Fpweb.net.

SharePoint Anywhere with Anytime Support gives you the agility to keep SharePoint on-premises, use any of the various cloud providers such as AWS or Azure or even use a combination of on-prem and cloud in a Hybrid model.

Once you pick where you want your SharePoint to live, Fpweb.net can take care of the rest so you can focus on your business. Free up your SharePoint admins to work on making SharePoint more strategic to the company, not a cost center and headache.  SharePoint can and should be your innovation enabler, and you can get the most out of your SharePoint investment with the help of Fpweb.net.

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Let’s take a deeper dive into the three main choices you have for your SharePoint and how Fpweb.net can bring value to the environment.

SharePoint On-Premises

on-premises SharePointWhether you want total control of your SharePoint environment, must follow a regulatory compliance, have made significant customizations or just haven’t gotten your full SharePoint ROI out of the install yet, 60% of you will keep your SharePoint data in-house according to Gartner research.

There is also a very real possibility that you will be running some of your users on either Office 365 or another version of SharePoint for an extranet or internet facing site. No one wants to maintain multiple versions of SharePoint, so you should consolidate where you can. Fpweb.net can help with any upgrades or migrations you may need. Once you have consolidated to one version for intranet, extranet and public facing, you still need to keep them all optimized and running well.

Get out of the business of keeping SharePoint running and into the business of using SharePoint to innovate for your business and raising IT’s value in the eyes of the CEO. SharePoint Anywhere with Anytime Support from Fpweb.net can free up your SharePoint team from backups, patching, security and disaster recovery issues.  This SharePoint overhead is hard to measure and often underestimated by many IT leaders.  But once you free yourselves from it, you’ll see the energy return to your team and the wheels of progress (high value project completion) begin to move again.

SharePoint in the Cloud

hosted SharePointYou may have test VMs in AWS, a small farm in Azure or even a large production environment on prem that you’re ready to migrate to SharePoint 2013 and move into the Cloud. This great country was founded around the ideas of liberty and freedom of choice.  No company likes vendor lock-in and you should carefully choose what Cloud your SharePoint lives in. It may even be that you have some versions (Office 365, 2013, 2010) living in different Clouds by function (Office 365 – remote workforce, 2013 – intranet, 2010 – extranet).

You have the power to choose where your SharePoint lives, and if one provider is not meeting your needs, you should be able to move it to another provider or even back on-premises with little disruption. SharePoint Anywhere with Anytime Support gives you the ability to move around fluidly.  The expert SharePoint support from Fpweb.net remains constant, while you choose the IaaS provider that best meets your needs.  And yes, Fpweb.net can assist and advise on these moves, migrations or upgrades. Ready to get your SharePoint flow on?  Fpweb.net is a smooth SharePoint operator ready to help you stay agile and do what is best for your business, not what is best for Amazon, Microsoft or even Fpweb.net.

SharePoint Hybrid

hybrid sharepointYou may have your SharePoint intranet on-premises but have some users on Office 365 and are now ready to upgrade your SharePoint 2010 extranet to 2013. No point in a CapEx spend on new servers if you can put it in the Cloud, pay monthly and move it to OpEx. This frees up cash to invest in projects where you can truly innovate.  So you have SharePoint living in both on-prem and in the Cloud. You have a Hybrid SharePoint environment.

And while Hybrid is the recommended model through 2018 for SharePoint architectures according to Gartner, it does create some challenges.  For one, you may have multiple versions of SharePoint to maintain and integrate.  This requires a deep SharePoint bench and Cloud expertise to get all the environments to work together.  SharePoint Anywhere with Anytime Support from Fpweb.net gives you the stability to operate seamlessly across all the platforms in a SharePoint Hybrid architecture.

Your SharePoint, Your Terms

SharePoint Anywhere by Fpweb.net lets you deal with SharePoint on your terms and avoid vendor lock-in. Use SharePoint Anytime Support by Fpweb.net to remove the SharePoint admin burden and move between On-premises, Cloud or SharePoint versions on your timeline.  Move into hybrid when it makes sense for you, not the vendor. Freedom of choice is a great liberty.  SharePoint Anywhere with Anytime Support by Fpweb.net gives you the freedom to manage SharePoint on your terms. Smart choice.

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