Understanding the Hosted SaaS Solution Model

Everything You Need to Know About Hosted SaaS Solutions

saas benefitsAccess your information from anywhere, all the time. With Hosted SaaS, your data lives in a state-of-the-art data center that possesses enterprise security and a highly available network. Access your environment remotely and enjoy speedy performance from down the road or across the world.

First, Let’s Look at the Difference Between SaaS and IaaS:

IaaS “Infrastructure as a Service”
When an organization outsources or hosts their operations, usually involving storage, hardware, servers and networks. The hosting service provides the equipment as well as maintains, runs and houses it. Also known as Cloud Computing.

SaaS “Software as a Service”
When an organization is provided access to software and its functions remotely via an outsourcing or hosting provider. Typically this is done to save costs on licensing, hardware, installation, upkeep and maintenance.

Why SaaS Hosting is Better Than Using Your Own Servers:

  • Solutions are housed in state-of-the-art hosting data centers
  • Your applications always receive the latest updates
  • Your business can save significant time and money
  • You’re backed by a dedicated Support team that knows the technology inside and out

So, what SaaS solution is right for my business?

When making the choice between on-premises products and on-demand solutions, business and IT decision-makers should use the following questions to determine which is best suited to meet the needs of their organization:

  • Do you have the financial resources to withstand the upfront capital costs of acquiring the hardware and software to support your business requirements?
  • Do you have the internal skills to select the right hardware and software to meet your business objectives?
  • Do you have sufficient resources to successfully deploy and keep your hardware and software up and running?
  • Do you know if you are getting the best performance and greatest value from your hardware and software investments?
  • Do you have the expertise and experience to combat today’s escalating security threats?
  • Would you rather focus your limited financial and staff resources on your core business?

Who uses Software as a Service?

Everyone! For example, most individuals have Webmail accounts with a major email provider like Yahoo, Gmail or Hotmail. Millions of individuals also have blogs hosted on sites like Blogger.com, WordPress.com and more.

With SaaS applications, all software and data you add is stored remotely on the host’s servers, which can be accessed from any computer. SaaS has made it possible for individuals to check their email, update their blog and even collaborate with their organization from any computer with Internet access, worldwide.

The Advantage of On-Demand SaaS Solutions from Fpweb.net

(Versus purchasing and hosting your own on-premises applications)
All data is stored and hosted from a centralized location, removing the burden of maintenance, support, software license upgrades and equipment from the end users. SaaS hosting is available on a subscription basis and includes around-the-clock support. Fpweb.net also guarantees strict hosting compliance standards are sustained to meet your business-critical needs.

Some IaaS and SaaS Benefits at a Glance:

Control your environment
All is not lost when hosting your enterprise data on managed servers. Fpweb.net’s SharePoint Cloud gives you the full server control that other providers cannot so you remain the administrator of your data. Take control of your backups, apps and more or scale your environment up and down as needed with unmetered service access.

Don’t sweat the upkeep
While you keep control of the data, your I.T. department is free to focus on the projects at hand while the implementation, maintenance, upgrades and upkeep of your Fpweb.net SharePoint Cloud are handled by the experienced Microsoft certified experts that remain on the job 24/7/365. Fpweb.net handles SharePoint, so you can handle your business.

Meet your new IT team
The new extension to your I.T. department brings an unrivaled SharePoint competence. With 15 years in the business and countless SharePoint farms built and managed in the last decade, it’s a dedicated service you can depend on to not only be there when you need it, but every other time as well.

Reduce your TCO
Fpweb.net’s SharePoint Cloud requires no upfront investment, unmetered service, and pay-as-you-go billing so your total cost of ownership can benefit by shifting from capital expenses to operational expenses – saving you a significant cost percentage and allowing your enterprise to focus the savings on other demanding company needs.

Our Premium Service
Fpweb.net’s SharePoint Cloud provides a highly available environment that is custom designed to perform fast for individual enterprise needs. Fpweb.net’s managed hosting is housed behind world class data centers that feature cutting-edge security and compliance-ready certifications. Fpweb.net’s Customer Care Team remains your trusted SharePoint advisor for any further SharePoint needs you encounter. It’s a dedicated, private cloud custom built to fit your enterprise.

Contact Fpweb.net today to lower your company’s overhead and reap the benefits of a managed SharePoint solution in your own private cloud.

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