Upcoming Fpwebinar: The Battle of the Clouds!

Fun, live and to the point!
It’s not a webinar… it’s an Fpwebinar!

This month, we take a whole new approach to the classic webinar with our series “Steven & Jamal Discuss the Cloud.” Don’t expect PowerPoint slides driven by monotone narration – we’re mixing it up with a 20 minute live presentation featuring our friendly Cloud experts, Steven Rupp and Jamal Pryor.

(This webinar is currently available to view on-demand: BATTLE OF THE CLOUDS: PUBLIC VS. PRIVATE CLOUD HOSTING)

Join us on June 27th, 2013, at 11:00am (ET) for the first ‘Fpwebinar’ as we present “The Battle of the Clouds: Public vs. Private” – an informal, educational chat about the differences between the shared cloud model and the dedicated cloud model. With a cloud computing market that Gartner predicts will reach $150 billion this year, businesses are making the shift to the cloud and Jamal and Steven show you which is the right fit for you.

What Can I Expect From this Webinar?

Besides a clear definition of public and private cloud computing, Jamal and Steven will explain the advantages and disadvantages of each environment. Each Cloud has pros and cons that make it a solid fit for some businesses and a bust for others.

Whether you’re looking for an affordable way to get started or a way to set up your environment to grow with your business, you’ll learn which cloud can take you there.

And public and private clouds aren’t the end of the story! By hosting your cloud with a hosting provider, you can benefit from their enterprise security, performance and support. Learn how hosting your cloud can help your business while keeping you in complete control and free to customize.

Jamal and Steven will wrap up by taking any of your questions or tweets!

Who is this Webinar For?

The short answer is: anyone looking for a clear understanding of the different types of cloud computing available.

C-level executives can benefit from identifying the best approach to the cloud. Choosing the right cloud the first time can mean big cost savings in the long run. With any big business move, you want to make sure you can glean the most ROI from your decision.

IT admins who plan on implementing a custom environment have a clear choice that Jamal and Steven will explain. Choosing the cloud doesn’t mean you have to lose any of the administrative control you need.

Businesses who are currently investigating a hosted solution. With dedicated hosting, maintenance, upkeep and support can become a thing of the past.

About Our Presenters:

Jamal PryorJamal Pryor:
Jamal’s SharePoint expertise helps him identify the best way businesses can benefit from outsourcing their SharePoint management by constructing a solution to their exact specifications and requirements. Before he was architecting SharePoint solutions, Jamal was engineering them as a member of Fpweb.net’s Support Engineering Team where he provided real-time support for any SharePoint issue customers encountered. In Jamal’s spare time, he enjoys songwriting/ music production and he’s an active ASCAP member (The American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers).

Steven RuppSteven Rupp:
As a SharePoint Architect at Fpweb.net, Steven is your first line of contact for any SharePoint sales/technical questions. On top of handling new prospect inquires, he also architects custom SharePoint environment quotes for small businesses all the way to large enterprises. After graduating with a Business Degree, Steven quickly hopped into the tech world and followed his passion. In his free time, Steven can be found sitting next to a pile of Red Bull cans, vigorously gaming on Xbox or his PC. And, like any other St. Louis native, he is a huge Cardinals and Blues fan.

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