Upcoming Webinar: Discussing the Limitations of Office 365

(This webinar is currently available to view for free on-demand: KNOW YOUR LIMITS: SHAREPOINT IN A PRIVATE CLOUD VS. OFFICE 365)

Microsoft’s public cloud, Office 365, seems to be the popular choice for businesses that are wetting their feet in the cloud. Making the Microsoft Office stack available anywhere thanks to the cloud and its shared resources, Office 365 has certainly peaked the interest of companies that are having the cloud conversation. But once that leap to the cloud is taken, these same businesses are taken aback by the limitations that the public cloud has placed on their environment.

On Tuesday, April 29th, 2014 at 11am EST, Fpweb.net together with partner and special panelist Malcolm Eaton of the PSC group will be presenting “Know Your Limits: SharePoint in a Private Cloud vs. Office 365”, a free webinar that hopes to establish what SharePoint functionality is missing in Microsoft’s public cloud.

Eaton will take the lead as he uses his professional background to explain the situations he often finds customers in. They’ve seized the cloud that Microsoft is pushing only to find that they don’t retain the control necessary to move their environment forward.

As with any public vs. private cloud scenario, there are some big differences when dealing with dedicated vs. shared resources. This webinar will lay out what business needs can be accomplished under certain cloud types and will also explain how developing a cloud strategy that is custom-fit to your business is the first step to success. Every cloud conversation at your business needs to be an educated one, and our latest Fpwebinar will help you understand how shared resources in a cloud environment will limit your control and access as a SharePoint administrator.

Please join us along with Malcolm Eaton as we establish the important considerations to take when choosing a private dedicated SharePoint cloud vs. a public offering like Office 365. One lucky attendee will even win a copy of Microsoft Office Professional 2013! (a $399.99 value). All you have to do to win is attend and be present throughout the entire webinar. You can register today by clicking the link below.

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