Upgrading to SharePoint 2010 On Premise? STOP! …and consider a Hosted solution!

sharepoint 2010 logoHave you finally convinced the check signers at your company that the new features, performance, and extensibility of SharePoint 2010 are worth a major upgrade? Great! Upgrade time is the perfect time to discuss Hosted SharePoint options from Fpweb.net. I challenge you to compare the cost savings and benefits of a Hosted Private Cloud and an On Premise SharePoint solution.

Some quick examples of immediate cost savings:

An on-premise FIS license to cover your partners, customers, and anonymous users is $40K or more per SharePoint server. It’s less than $1K per month at Fpweb.net through the SPLA licensing model.

Talented SharePoint staff may be hard to come by these days and have a price tag of $80,000 or more. You get this expertise for free with your Hosted SharePoint Private Cloud!

You may have to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on backup software, monitoring software, redundant networking equipment, SAN storage, application servers, SQL and SharePoint licensing. All of these pieces are already in place for you at Fpweb.net. Just start with what you need and grow your environment efficiently.

Do you know how to upgrade to SharePoint 2010?

We do upgrades all the time! We can assist you! If there’s any customizations or other factors that add to the complexity of the upgrade, we can also introduce you to some partners and tool vendors that will make the upgrade a success. Let us be your trusted SharePoint advisor!

I hope you have at least considered the Fpweb.net private cloud option. We’ve armed you to be your organization’s SharePoint Hero! If you need help making sense of the Cloud or educating your CTO, we’re here to help. Just drop us a line at [email protected]!

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