What Makes a Good SharePoint Partner?

SharePoint PartnerIn the SharePoint world, how do you stand out as a good partner? Hmm, good question, so let’s discuss.

As Fpweb.net’s Partner Channel Manager, I’ve had the opportunity to meet with some very exciting companies and consultants on a daily basis. Our conversation typically centers on how we can both add value to the other’s organization. And whenever I’m trying to find a partner relationship that can be a good fit for both sides, I often consider these questions.

Do you have a product that adds value to SharePoint?

Think about some of our current partners such as Metalogix or HighTail. Their products add value to end users that are using SharePoint. So when we are talking to a customer or prospect and we hear their needs and can match them with your product, well then, you are a good partner. Also, if your product fits a niche in a specific vertical that’s important to us, then we might be able to develop a specific offering to enhance both of our offerings to end users and customers in that vertical. Again, that would make a good partner.

Are you a consultant or a professional services firm specializing in SharePoint consulting?

If so, then you can fit into several categories in our programs. You can add hosting to your services and become an Affiliate Partner or Reseller Partner and then add your services on top of that, further enhancing what your firm brings to the table as a Services Partner. Also, similar to the Technology Partner program, if we know what you specialize in and where you are located, then we can pair you up with customers that have specific needs. Again there are opportunities to create vertical packages around your offerings as well. If you fall into any of the above then you might make a good partner.

Are you a consultant looking to enhance your offering and make some cash while you’re at it?

Above we covered the Technology and Services partners, but in addition to that you can be an Affiliate or Reseller. With that in mind if you want to make some extra money or enhance what you are already offering, you’d fit into these categories. If you just want to toss something over the wall and let us close the deal then the affiliate program is for you, but if you want to hold the contract and add your services on top then the reseller program is for you. Either way, you’d make a great partner. So if you are not in our program yet, then please sign up so we can talk.

What financial incentives are available?

Just to dive into the monetary value of the Reseller and Affiliate programs as well: As an Affiliate, if you were to hand us a deal that closed for at least three months, you would earn a one-time kickback of 10% of the value. If you were to hand us a deal that closed for at least six months, you would earn a 12% one-time kickback. Finally, if you were to hand us a deal that closed for twelve months, you would earn a 15% one-time kickback. Sound like a decent amount of cash, right? Well, the Reseller program works in a similar way.

As a Reseller that white labels our services, you earn discounted prices to resell along with your services to add the most value to your customer offering. If you close a deal for three months, you would receive a 10% discount on the pricing. If you close a deal for six months, you would earn a 12% discount and finally if you close a deal for twelve months, you would earn a 15% discount.

If it sounds like you could fit into one of these categories and Fpweb.net could be the right partner for you, please feel free to contact me ([email protected]) or fill out our Partner Application online.

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