What You May Have Missed This Month (MARCH)

What You May Have Missed This Month

If you’re like us, you get information thrown at you from every digital corner. We make it our business to throw useful information out there on Twitter, LinkedIn, G+, Facebook, etc. and we know it’s likely you won’t catch it all.

But now we’ve got you covered!

Every month, we’ll round up our most engaging tweets, posts and things we’ve yelled from the top of a building and put them all together in our latest “What You May Have Missed This Month” segment. Now you’re set with a one-stop shop of all things Cloud and SharePoint that we thought were worth sharing. And if you’ve already read them – give yourself a pat on the shoulder and know that we’re all standing on our desks cheering for you.

We’re always looking for more great content to share, so if you think something is worthwhile, send it our way and we’ll take a look! Got an idea for a blog? Let us know about that too. Our goal is to keep feeding the SharePoint and Cloud Community with useful tidbits that further their knowledge as well as entertain.

These posts received the most engagement this month:


Beyond Social – Tailor SharePoint 2013 social features according to your needs

This presentation was delivered at the German SharePoint Conference in Rosenheim/Munich on March 6th. Adis Jugo explains how the SharePoint 2013 platform’s new social architecture is a feature that everyone needs to get their hands on.

No matter your company size, consider these advantages to hosting SharePoint in the Private Cloud.

SharePoint experts empowering and connecting your business with dedicated data management in the cloud is just the beginning. Peter Cartier explains five true benefits of hosting SharePoint in the private cloud that will have you rethinking all the resources you pour into an on-premises deployment.

SharePoint Migration: everyone wants to find the best way to do it. So did we. So we did!

Upgrading to SharePoint 2013 can be a challenge for companies that don’t have the money or resources at the moment. Fpweb.net explains how their latest partnership with MetaVis has helped them introduce The MetaVis Migrator and how they’re using it to give businesses free SharePoint migrations to their favorite versions of SharePoint.

Cloud and Big Data, Together: A Huge Springboard to Innovation

“Big data is the new cloud computing.”  As the two become one in the same, it is clear that they are both springboards to innovation. Joe McKendrick reports that gatherings like SXSW and sponsorships by the government are furthering the big cloud and big data discussion.

Cost/Benefit Comparison of SQL Server 2012 vs SQL Server 2008 R2

The database expert is back with The Next Byte. Don Conrad puts SQL Server 2012 and SQL Server 2008 under the microscope to identify the benefits and why one works better than the other. His Cost/Benefit Comparison details everything your business needs to know about choosing a SQL server version.

How to Fix the SharePoint 2010 User Display Names in a One Way Active Directory Trust Scenario: More specifically the Error: “Cannot get the full name or e-mail address of user ‘domain\user’”

When the SharePoint Team at Fpweb.net comes across a customer issue, they solve it – then they write about it. A recent issue involved display names showing up as domain/username instead of first name/last name. Andy Milsark shows you how this can be fixed.

Use of cloud for disaster recovery expected to rise from 36% to 51% in 6 months.

A TechTarget – Computer Weekly study identifies the growing trend of the cloud being used as a business continuity plan and how IT teams are still using antiquated backup systems regardless. Filled with useful stats, this blog explains how and why the uses of disaster recovery will continue to rise.

With San Fran in the rear view mirror, @FpwebSteve shares his SPTechCon recap on the @fpweb blog.

Fresh off his first SPTechCon experience, Steven Rupp “The Sales Guy” recaps the conference and the conversations he enjoyed from the Fpweb.net booth. Happy to be a part of the SharePoint Community, Steven explains how many of his conversations with attendees centered around concerns over the cloud and how these concerns can be alleviated in a private cloud deployment.

Have you ever read the fine print on Office 365’s SLA? Here’s what you need to know!

They say it would take 76 eight hour work days to read all the terms and conditions you agree to in a year. That’s why Rob has you covered by reading and highlighting the most important parts of Office 365’s SLA. You might be surprised what they’ve included in there!

Have you downloaded your free copy of our new ebook? Get your copy of our “10 Benefits of Private Cloud SharePoint Hosting” e-book.

Fpweb.net has a new E-book out! It’s all about saving time, money and headaches with a dedicated Cloud environment. Read how cloud concerns are actually advantages in a private cloud and how you can keep some data in-house and send the rest to the cloud. Also includes 10 questions you should be asking every SharePoint hosting provider.

Good Read: Facing the healthcare cloud security challenge head-on

Benefits and challenges are apparent with any innovation, but when it comes to cloud computing, it’s a topic that has filled thousands of blogs. With  the healthcare industry, the conversation revolves around security. Learn how the major security concerns for healthcare in the cloud are addressed.

Sherlock Holmes on Big Data Analytics, Information Management, Analytic Thinking and Agile Business Intelligence

In the same way that Sherlock Holmes effectively analyzed and unified information, this blog ties together the thinking of the legendary London detective and our modern interest in sourcing information through databases, documents, big data, social media, web content and more.

10 Collaboration Platforms to Consider for Your Business, @EWEEKNews ranks SharePoint 2013 #1

How much work can get done without collaboration? This slideshow from eWeek takes a look at several popular collaboration platforms to show businesses what their employees can be using to better work together. It’s no surprise which tool makes it to the top of the list!

Learn how #SharePoint meets the 6 guidelines of a HIPAA-compliant health information systems.

Andy Milsark and the medical industry are back in a blog post that explains the HIPAA Security Rule and how to make SharePoint 2010 a HIPAA compliant environment. This includes an examination of the six guidelines that must be followed to be a HIPAA compliant environment.

Cloud Computing Perception 2013: The Hybrid Cloud in Healthcare

Healthcare and security are once more approached by cloud computing, but this time the solution seems more obvious – a hybrid cloud solution!  By keeping some data in-house and pushing the rest to the cloud, the healthcare industry can use their hosting provider to fill in the security gaps.

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