What’s Coming in Feature Pack 2 for SharePoint 2016

At the online SharePoint Summit on May 16, Microsoft announced they would bring the first components of the SharePoint Framework to SharePoint Server 2016.  They also announced the timing of arrival as Fall of 2017.

In Bill Baer’s own words, “This will enable developers to use a modern, client-side development model to create web parts and solutions that can power new solutions on-premises, in hybrid experiences, and in Office 365. While Feature Pack 1 was one that delivered IT innovation to our customers of SharePoint Server 2016 with new compliance, coexistence, and deployment investments, Feature Pack 2 is designed to bring the latest developer investments with the SharePoint Framework.”

We can expect these Feature Pack 2 to really start to much better align the new development story. SharePoint Framework is no longer about web parts, but these new SharePoint Framework extensions will support powerful solutions. A dev kitchen on SharePoint Framework and these new extensions has happened behind the scenes and was mentioned at the summit.

What we know about Feature Pack 2:

  1. Feature Pack 2 – Coming Fall 2017
  2. Will include support for SharePoint Framework
  3. Will most likely include the new SharePoint Framework extensions
  4. Feature Pack 1 was about IT enhancements: Feature Pack 2 is about Dev enhancements and extensibility
  5. Feature Pack 2 will continue the path for on-prem coexistence with Office 365

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