Why Kentico’s EMS Deserves Your Consideration

kentico-logoBottom line: If you need advanced Enterprise Marketing Solution (EMS) features but you’re looking for the softest punch to your wallet – Kentico is worth your consideration.

The EMS and Content Management System (CMS) has risen in popularity over the last several years with the former being eye candy for the enterprise and the latter being attainable by even the smallest mom and pop shops. Thanks to SEO, blogging, Google algorithms and, of course, the all-powerful customer experience, organizations quickly discovered that staying ahead of your competition and in front of your customers is as simple as a publishing fresh content on a regular basis.

To do this effectively, you need a tool that helps you create campaigns, pages, emails, blogs, newsletters and more quickly and (more importantly) efficiently. Kentico is one of the more affordable options on the market, but it doesn’t hold back on features.

Sure, Kentico’s integrated customer experience management solution is a mouthful, but what they’re trying to say is that their solution makes your customers happy. Your marketing message is tailored to their needs. Through personalization, segmentation, testing, analytics and automation, you can stay on top of the customer experience with a digital strategy that takes into account their location, history with your site, and even their position within their organization.

A Quick Glimpse at Kentico Features:

For global companies or those looking to break into new markets, these Kentico features can have a big impact on foreign business. There’s an inherent flexibility within Kentico’s system to customize your site so that it translates to the appropriate language, currency, tax, shipping, etc.

Workflow is a Kentico tool that helps you create content with the help of your whole team.  It’s essentially a more efficient way to allow collaborative authoring that sets up a document approval process, lets you delegate who’s creating what, and even sends alerts to keep everyone updated.

And you’re not limited to the website. Kentico’s Email Marketing is as much about maintaining relationships as it is creating new ones. You can create new campaigns that help you build up your lead lists and nurture your customer base or you can easily send personalized mass emails to get the message out.

You keep track of your digital marketing strategy with Web Analytics that give you real-time data on your visitors, their behavior and what’s working (and not working) on your website.

Kentico Systems on the Rise

With more than 25,000 websites in 90 countries and customers like Ford, Harvard University, Sony and Guinness to name a few, Kentico has started laying claim to their share of the content management and customer experience market and has begun the slow and steady climb to the top by showing their value as a CMS provider and leaving plenty of success stories in their wake.

So, back to the whole “integrated customer experience management solution” tag. What exactly does that mean? Well, Kentico seems to think that “the big boys have all the fun” and they wanted to create a solution that doesn’t make you settle for underwhelming features and leave you with a ballooning budget.

Five Keys to Kentico’s Powerful Marketing Solution:

  • Web Content Management
  • E-Commerce
  • Online Marketing
  • Online Communities
  • Intranet and Collaboration

These features are designed to get you to market faster, navigate the system easier, customize easily, integrate with current systems and websites, manage in real-time across your entire business, employ simple plug-and-play components rather than mess with coding, communicate effectively through social and keep your entire team in sync with sophisticated intranet and public facing functionality.

Kentico’s message is clear – they want you to sidestep the headaches and costs that trip up businesses all the time. With free trials, getting started webinars and 1-on-1 demos, they’re happy to give you a taste so you can evaluate their features see what the fuss is all about. Kentico also backs their system with a 24/7 “right-first-time” support standard.

Here’s your link to get started with a FREE KENTICO TRIAL.

Fpweb.net Sets Your Sites on Kentico

So, by choosing a CMS like Kentico, you’re removing the marketing hassle that slows businesses down from getting their message to the right people. But what if they can’t see the message because your IT has gotten too bogged down with managing servers and maintaining the system? That’s why so many organizations are using Fpweb.net’s dedicated Kentico hosting to remove the IT burden and keep the focus on optimizing their website with the vast features that will move your business forward.

We partner with leading Kentico developers Roundedcube and High Monkey to ensure your Kentico experience is as seamless as your future customers’ website experience.

Fpweb.net’s private cloud hosting services give you total control over your servers with administrative access and unlimited customization capabilities so you can add the third party web parts or whatever components you need to fulfill your business needs. You can count on unlimited bandwidth and a financially-backed 100% uptime SLA to ensure your intranets and public-facing websites are always available, everywhere in the world.

We’re happy to jump on the phone to discuss how we can help. Our consultations and advice are always free! Just click the link below.

Dedicated Kentico Hosting from Fpweb.net

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