Why No Analytics for SharePoint Foundation 2013?

sharepoint analyticsWhere to Find Usage Reports for SharePoint 2013

There is much confusion around the SharePoint community on whether or not web analytics works in SharePoint Foundation 2013.

After working on numerous SharePoint 2013 environments, I can confirm that SharePoint Foundation is lacking this feature. I came across this technet article discussing if the Foundation version of SharePoint 2013 has web analytics or not, and the top response is from a SharePoint MVP and stating in short that Foundation does not have analytics.

If you’ve used SharePoint 2013 you may have ran into this issue when clicking the Site Web Analytics Reports.

You likely encountered this SharePoint Error Message:

Site Web Analytics Reports


The error message’s ambiguous language will make it seem like the feature isn’t turned on or perhaps broken: “A web analytics report is not available for this site.  Usage processing may be disabled on tis server or the usage data for this site has not been processed yet.” Let me assure you, however, that this link will never return any data.

Why? Because the Site Web Analytics Report page doesn’t work in any version of SharePoint 2013. And this, of course, leads us all to ask the question:

Why did Microsoft leave the “Site Web Analytics reports” link if it’s broken?

Well, portions of the analytics engine that remain the same from SharePoint 2010 are still working in the background of SharePoint. Furthermore, SharePoint Foundation 2010 had a working analytics engine that would give detailed reports.  My semi-educated guess is that it’s a remnant from SharePoint 2010 that still has some limited functionality.

As an aside, the “Site Collection Web Analytics reports” link still works, but it’s not very informative.

Site Actions

SharePoint Server 2013 does have a working analytics engine.

View Usage Reports

However, it was changed from SharePoint 2010 and is now a part of the search function and doesn’t use the Site Web Analytics report link. Since analytics is now a part of search and you can only get SharePoint’s full search capabilities from the SharePoint Server, this is why analytics only works for version of SharePoint server and above.  The new analytics is called “Popularity Trends” and “Popularity and Search Reports.” Inside these links you will see Usage Reports.

Site Administration

Site Collection Administration

When you open up a Usage Report in SharePoint 2013, you will need Excel to view the reports, unlike in SharePoint 2010 which loads the information within a SharePoint page.  Below is a picture for comparison.

SharePoint 2013

Usage Report in SharePoint 2013

SharePoint 2010

Usage Report in SharePoint 2010

Still wondering what version of SharePoint you have?

Open Central Administration up and go to Upgrade ad Migration, then go to Check product and patch installation status.

This page will say if you have Foundation, Server, or Enterprise. Check out this blog for more feature comparisons between the three versions of SharePoint.

Even people who have working analytics in SharePoint sometimes find that the analytics in SharePoint doesn’t provide them with the information they need in regards to web traffic and site usage. These people have turned to 3rd party solutions.  Three options for 3rd party options that accomplish this are Google Analytics, HarePoint Analytics, or AngelFish.  Click their links for more information regarding their 3rd party analytic software packages.

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