Why should I host SharePoint? Dirty Harry knows.

If there’s one thing about me that’s true, it’s that I’m a Dirty Harry fan, and an overall Clint Eastwood fan. One of the best lines of any of his movie is of course from the clip below.

SaaS vs. In-House Deployment: Do You Feel Lucky?

The question I get daily is: Why should I host SharePoint? Can’t I just deploy SharePoint in-house myself? The answer is: “sure,” followed by many “ifs”. Recently I spoke with Shane Young from SharePoint911.com at the Boston SharePoint Conference. He said that 100% of the deployments he has seen from the “Do-It-Yourselfers” are done wrong! Yikes, 100%. That’s kind of a lot.

I truly believe that this “Hosted vs. In-House” decision is easy. Just look at what George Reese says in his book, Cloud Application Architectures:

“The one obvious fact that should jump out …is that building an IT infrastructure from scratch no longer makes any sense. The only companies that should have an internal IT are organizations with a significant preexisting investment in internal IT or with regulatory requirements that prevent data storage in third-party environments. Everyone else should be using a managed services provider / the cloud.”

So… back to Dirty Harry. To decide between hosting and In-House deployments you’ve got to ask yourself not just one question but a few. Here they are:

  • Big capital investment
    How much money/up-front capital do you need in order to set up your infrastructure? How much money do you need to make changes to it?

    • With hosting from Fpweb.net, your setup fees are waived for quarterly terms or longer, which divides the large capital costs into nice, digestible payments. Instead of paying for the house up-front, you have a flexible mortgage with no penalty for moving out.


  • Maintenance costs
    Do you have the resources necessary to maintain your IT infrastructure? How much have you budgeted for staff? How about training, yearly salary increases, etc…?  How about the real estate for your data center, if you have one? How about predictability? Are you liquid enough to be able to spend $10,000 one month, $1,000 the next and then $100,000 the next?

    • With SharePoint hosting from Fpweb.net, you have a predictable monthly budget that costs a fraction when averaged out over a one year span compared to an on-premise deployment. Need proof? Check this out


  • Rapid Deployment
    In my previous positions, I worked for MasterCard and The Federal Reserve Bank. I’ve seen first-hand how long it can take to get a project up and running. Yes, I’ve been in meetings about meetings. There’s no better way to spend your day.

    • With hosting, you can be up in a matter of days instead of countless grueling, expensive months.


  • Flexibility
    How easily can you adapt to business needs and competing projects? Can your IT guy “Steve” leave his security project in a moment’s notice to set up a new SharePoint site collection? That’s just personnel. How about hardware spikes and bandwidth issues?

    • With Fpweb.net, we manage all of these things for you. Leave the headaches to us. Now you’re free to get back to your meetings about meetings.


  • Staff expertise
    Do you have people internally with the wide array of skills needed to select the right hardware, configure it, deploy it, govern it, etc…?

    • Ask Shane Young.


  • Reliability
    Do you have a secure datacenter? Is it SAS70 compliant? How sure are you about your network uptime? Is it highly available? Is it performing at optimal satisfaction? Do you have to pay for regular audits? How about PCI, HIPAA or SOX hosting compliance? Isn’t it fun to think about all this stuff? Would you rather focus on this or your core business?

That’s all I’ll ask you for now. As you may have guessed, I am more biased to managed hosting/cloud services. The company I’m proud to represent just happens to make it easy and affordable. No strings attached. So in a sense, our clients actually do feel lucky, Harry.

That’s all for today – make the most good with your day and keep it simple. Go Cards!

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