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Managed private cloud hosting provider for more security, control & power than public cloud. Fully managed server, storage services for 100% compliance now.

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Need private cloud hosting or cloud application support?

Fpweb provides expert, USA-based, 24/7 Absolute Support® in any cloud. Checkout our support plans to find the best fit for your needs.


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Benefits of Fpweb’s Private Cloud Services

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Flexible Service Contracts Only buy the resources you need.

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Worry Free Fully managed

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Custom Built Enterprise tech from VMware, Hyper-V, Cisco, Intel

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Maximum Security Know exactly where your data lives

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Performance at Scale Overall resources and VMs

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Compliance ready HIPAA, PCI, SOX, ITAR, FedRamp compliance ready

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100% Uptime SLA Our financially-backed guarantee

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Unburden Your Team

Deploying a dedicated or virtual private cloud will unburden your IT team from manually configuring routing tables and servers and so that they can focus on your core business.

Compliant & Secure

Satisfy HIPAA, PCI, SOX, ITAR, FedRamp compliance, mandates, standards, and acts. Enjoy the cost savings of cloud with the security you require.

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Budget Friendly

While a public cloud bill can vary greatly month-to-month (and with persistent workloads, it could easily end up costing more in a public cloud than the elastic, unmetered private cloud) your private cloud hosting bill from will never be a surprise.

Dedicated Private Cloud Hosting

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Every dedicated private cloud is custom built entirely from private resources to meet your specific business objectives.

  • 100% built from dedicated, single-tenant hardware nodes
  • We work with you to custom-design, build, and deploy
  • Unlimited virtual machines
  • Completely scalable

Virtual Private Cloud Hosting

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Enjoy unlimited VMs, infinite scalability, and immense granularity of control.

  • Logical division of Fpweb’s global cloud environment
  • Real-time deployment with granular resource allocations
  • Unlimited virtual machines
  • Completely scalable

Comparing Hosting Options

Let us help you find the solution that best suits your business.

Hosted Private Cloud by

Ease of Use
Cost Predictability

Public cloud by AWS

Ease of Use
Cost Predictability
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