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Secure VDI offers Secure Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) that significantly mitigates security risks by being 100% contained “inside” your protected network.

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The Problem

Users in corporate environments are becoming increasingly independent, making it difficult for IT to manage…

  • Device security
  • Application settings
  • Endpoint network access

Does your organization want to …?

  • Focus on business, not IT
  • Get Enterprise-grade at SMB prices
  • Simplify IT complexity
  • Mobilize the business
  • Increase productivity

The Solution

Secure VDI significantly mitigates security risks by being 100% contained inside your protected network

  • VDI works on any device and all traffic encrypted
  • No data is cached to local machine and you can force session time outs
  • Simple and effective service for regulated or sensitive data with full audit capacity
  • Information that is stored during active sessions is 100% deleted upon logging out of the user session, which is enforced by local security policies applied at the server and Active Directory level
  • User’s logon/logoff times and session duration are still captured by their Active Directory user object, allowing for full audit capability for all user access, dates, and times

Secure VDI Features

Allow for a dedicated desktop profile on a terminal server

Secure local access to the hosted applications

IT has more control over what apps users can install and access

Firewalls can be figured

Allow users to login securely from any remote location with multi-factor authentication and have local access to applications on the customer server farm(s)

Unauthorized software installed by users to their desktops only connect to VDI environments, which will not allow malware or media drives to infect the physical endpoint

A company-approved secure VDI client can be installed and used on employee-owned mobile devices

Each of the virtual desktop instances are 100% virtual, including the user profile file/directory structure

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Unlimited access on per user basis

Includes Microsoft Office 2013 Professional

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