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Managed SIEM Service Provider of Security Monitoring. SIEM Cloud Service Includes Security Incident Event Management Software. Get Managed SIEM Pricing Now.

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Centralized Alarm Dashboard

  • Fully integrated SIEM and log management
  • Complete security visibility from a single screen
  • Utilizes the Kill Chain Priority
  • Focuses attention to highest priority threats

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4 Main Threat Categories

To help us determine the attacker’s intent and threat severity

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See events stored in the database, filter for more granular data, and sort by event name, IP address and more.

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Use integrated packet capture functionality to capture interesting traffic for offline analysis.

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Identify whether an attack is relevant by correlating reported vulnerabilities with malicious traffic.

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Search for any raw logs that are related to activity reported by an alarm. Raw logs are digitally signed for evidentiary purposes. You can also filter by time range and search pattern and export raw logs as a text file.

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