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SHAREPOINT 2013 vs 2016

Compare SharePoint 2013 vs 2016 Features. See the Difference between SharePoint 2013 and 2016 for Your Intranet, Extranet or www Site.  Find the SharePoint Version that Best Fits Your Business.


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New features in SharePoint 2016

  • MinRole
  • Fast Site Creation
  • Admin Auditing
  • SMTP Configuration
  • 10GB File Size Limit
  • Enhanced Mobile Experience
SharePoint logoSharePoint 2013SharePoint logoSharePoint 2016
DeveloperFoundationServer StandardServer EnterpriseServer StandardServer Enterprise
Access Servicescheckcheck
App Catalog (SharePoint)checkcheckcheckcheckcheck
App Management Servicescheckcheckcheckcheckcheck
InfoPath Forms Servicescheckcheck
SharePoint Designercheckcheckcheckcheckcheck
SharePoint Storecheckcheckcheckcheckcheck
Workflow 2010 (.NET 3.5)checkcheckcheckcheckcheck
Workflow 2010 (out of the box)checkcheckcheckcheck
Workflow 2013checkcheckcheckcheck
IT ProFoundationServer StandardServer EnterpriseServer StandardServer Enterprise
Active Directory Synchronizationcheckcheckcheckcheck
Analytics Platformcheckcheckcheckcheck
Claims-Based Authentication Supportcheckcheckcheckcheckcheck
Distributed Cachecheckcheckcheckcheckcheck
Windows PowerShell Supportcheckcheckcheckcheckcheck
ContentFoundationServer StandardServer EnterpriseServer StandardServer Enterprise
Auditing & Reportingcheckcheckcheckcheck
Content Organizercheckcheckcheckcheck
Document Setscheckcheckcheckcheck
eDiscovery Searchcheckcheckcheckcheck
eDiscovery Holdcheckcheck
eDiscovery Exportcheckcheck
IRM using Azure Rights Managementcheckcheckcheckcheck
IRM using Windows Server AD RMScheckcheckcheckcheckcheck
Office Online (edit)checkcheckcheckcheckcheck
Office Online (view)checkcheckcheckcheckcheck
Office Web Apps Server integrationcheckcheckcheckcheckcheck
PowerPoint Automation Servicescheckcheckcheckcheck
Records managementcheckcheckcheckcheck
Word Automation Servicescheckcheckcheckcheck
InsightsFoundationServer StandardServer EnterpriseServer StandardServer Enterprise
Business Intelligence Centercheckcheck
Data Connection Librarycheckcheck
PerformancePoint Servicescheckcheck
Power View for Excel in SharePointcheckcheck
PowerPivot for Excel in SharePointcheckcheck
Scorecards & Dashboardscheckcheck
SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) Integrated Modecheckcheckcheckcheckcheck
Visio Servicescheckcheck
SearchFoundationServer StandardServer EnterpriseServer StandardServer Enterprise
Expertise Searchcheckcheckcheckcheck
Hybrid searchcheckcheckcheckcheck
On-premises search indexcheckcheckcheckcheckcheck
Query rules—Add promoted resultscheckcheckcheckcheck
Query rules—advanced actionscheckcheck
SitesFoundationServer StandardServer EnterpriseServer StandardServer Enterprise
Project functionality for team sitescheckcheckcheckcheckcheck
Project site templatecheckcheckcheckcheckcheck
Project Summary web partcheckcheck
Project workspacecheckcheckcheckcheckcheck
Usage Analyticscheckcheck
Work Management Servicecheckcheckcheckcheck
SocialFoundationServer StandardServer EnterpriseServer StandardServer Enterprise
Personal Sitecheckcheckcheckcheck
Site Feedcheckcheckcheckcheck
OneDrive for Businesscheckcheckcheckcheckcheck
Tasks integrated with Outlookcheckcheckcheckcheck

Comparing Environments: Hosted vs On-Premises Hosting
SharePoint Server
SharePoint Deployment
Public Cloud
SharePoint Environment
CostPredictable Costs
We take care of hardware, repairs, replacements and upgrades to save you thousands.
Unexpected Expenses
Unpredictable large capital outlays and out-of-pocket expenses that strain your business.
Consumption Based
Only get charged for what you use. Not ideal for production environments that need to be highly available. Better for testing/development. Insufficient security & performance.
TimeDeploy in Days
Our rapid deployment ensures that your SharePoint solution will be up and running in a matter of days.
Delayed for Months
Be prepared for a complex installation process and a time-consuming deployment process.
Deploy in Hours
Many pre-defined server images to fit your needs. Can be deployed and ready in hours or less. Lack of customization to fit your needs.
TalentSharePoint Experts 24x7x365
With the most SharePoint expertise in the hosting industry, our staff of experts free up your resources.
High Staffing Costs
Your in-house IT may not have the experience to manage SharePoint.
Support Not Included
Infrastructure only. Must manage with in-house IT or find third-party support.
EaseTurnkey SharePoint
Everything needed for the best SharePoint experience: Worry-free support and carefree maintenance.
Complex Configurations
Continuously adding to the IT environment can become complex, time consuming, and confusing.
On-demand deployment, scalability, and availability.
Custom-fit, secure, compliant infrastructure to safeguard your brand and business.
Most organizations lack the budget and staff to prevent cyber attacks. Without state-of-the-art security & expertise, your data will be compromised.
Unsure exactly where your data lives. Most public cloud environments are shared and use Software Defined Networking (SDN) rather than hardware defined.
ValueSweet Spot
People: No need to hire
Expertise: No need to train
Infrastructure: No need to buy
OpEx vs. CapEx: Operational expense
You Own It
People: Hire
Expertise: Train
Infrastructure: Buy
OpEx vs. CapEx: Capital expense
Cheap & Easy
People: Hire
Expertise: Outsource
Infrastructure: None
OpEx vs. CapEx: Operational expense

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