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Staring Out the Window Welcome to the first installment of my new series on the Blog!

Join me as I share my very own deep thoughts, contemplate the tough issues, ponder life’s enigmas and share my daring (and often incredibly dangerous) experiences… all while staring out the window.

Our sales team has been bombarded with phone calls and live chats recently regarding our SharePoint hosting services and custom builds.  To help out, I decided it’s best to cool off on my prank calls asking them if their SharePoint is running…

I was a bit overzealous this morning when I reached for my coffee.  I forgot to wait til the machine was done with “Cat Roar” mode.  (That’s the noise it makes when it’s just about finished pouring Breakfast Blend into my mug but still wants to splash some piping hot coffee at me.)  I have burns to help me learn.

Google ElfI like to think of Pandora Radio as a group of tiny little elves living in my computer.  Different from the Google elves that find me baseball scores and chicken recipes.  These ones race around and try to find whatever music I like from an endless supply of CDs that are strewn across their floor.  They know to stay away from the country section and that it’s best to hover around the 90’s alt rock section.  As long as there’s a quality hook and a chill vibe, I probably won’t skip it.  Worst case, throw some Will Smith at it.  Also, when I give the song a thumbs up, I like to think that they do a shot or at least start high-fiving each other.

At weddings, do Amish people do the Electric Slide?


Stay tuned for the next time’s Peter Cartier contemplates the hard issues, ponders life’s enigmas and shares his daring experiences… all while staring out the window.

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