Fpweb Packages Ready-to-Go SharePoint Intranet

SharePoint Intranet screengrabFpweb.net has assembled a pre-built intranet solution for SharePoint that has the core functionality baked in that all organizations need to drive collaboration, efficiency, and internal communication with employees.

Looking to help companies leverage their Microsoft SharePoint investment and modernize their intranet, Fpweb took its two decades of SharePoint experience and prepared a SharePoint intranet solution in a box that will rapidly deploy for an enterprise with no code. It has a responsive design for all of a company’s mobile devices and it is built on a secure, dedicated infrastructure for total healthcare, financial, or government compliance.

More than 25% of employees don’t use their corporate intranet. Oftentimes that is because it is difficult to find the useful content buried behind an unwieldy interface. Fpweb took everything employees want to do on their intranet and built a sleek, engaging, and intuitive design. Fpweb’s SharePoint Intranet is fast, easy to use, packed with features, and flexible to configure and customize.

The all-USA-based SharePoint experts at Fpweb guide clients step-by-step through objective setting, planning and design, ownership, and deployment so that their intranet launch goes smoothly and successfully.

Fpweb will review the client’s existing content and future content needs, then follow intranet best practices to develop an intranet architecture that determines the structural design, navigation and metadata. Then the intranet is tested by the client and its end user employees to ensure that information can be found quickly and easily.

Fpweb works with each client to clearly define how the intranet will be managed before and after go-live, and who is responsible for what. Fpweb provides effective content publishing models, approval workflows and permissions, as well as any other new policies and guidelines needed.

Fpweb has done more than 5,000 custom SharePoint migrations and will collaborate with the client to scope out the project, put a migration plan in place, and utilize the best migration tools available.

This ready-to-go SharePoint intranet also includes resources to bolster user adoption. By embedding SharePoint training, Fpweb provides users a highly-tailored journey through SharePoint to make the company’s intranet more customized.

Visit fpweb.net/sharepoint/intranet for more information, fill out this form to get pricing, and contact Fpweb at [email protected] or 866-780-4678 with any questions.

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