SharePoint Cloud Benefits in a Recession Economy

A conversation about doing more with less

I found myself getting slightly annoyed the other day while talking with a friend. They run a small business and have yet to utilize social media to get the message across. They’re just a bit old fashioned and can’t be bothered to dive into this form of marketing. <Editor’s Note: Just to warn/relieve you, this post is not about social media; it’s about missed opportunities.>

I reasoned that Twitter and Facebook may seem trendy and self-indulgent to some, but what matters is that your customers are using it, and so are your competitors. It’s a free service – get on there and get your message out. Makes sense, right?

Time will tell if I win that battle, but it did remind me of a similar scratch-your-head scenario that still exists. Companies who still haven’t moved their SharePoint to a private cloud.

Now is the time

Recession. There’s your buzzword. Tossed throughout blog posts and newswires everywhere you look. Global economies are suffering and recessions are flaring up on every continent. And the blame is just as prevalent – tossed around at every politician and disaster in its path. But I’m not here to talk about how we got here; I’m just the guy trained in CPR and holding the life raft to get your business out alive.

I’m here to talk about moving your on-premise SharePoint infrastructure to the private cloud. Yes, it’s an economy only the Cloud could love. And that’s why you need to be…

Doing More with Less

I think we can all agree that whatever industry you’re in and whatever position you hold, you’ve been charged by your superiors or, for those at the top, your budget, to do more with less. The first time I heard this I looked down at the pencil in my hand and broke it in half. Bam! Two pencils. So I’m experienced at finding solutions. But sometimes the solution isn’t that simple; sometimes it takes more of a leap.

Businesses try different things to lessen the load, often starting with downsizing. Questionable. This may help the bottom line a bit, but it typically results in cracking the morale of the workplace in half and as the iconic film Office Space reminds us, “that will only make someone work just hard enough not to get fired.”

So while I’m certainly no expert – mainly because being called a “pundit” sounds dirty – I am aware of a decisive, cost saving strategy that is readily available and usually comes gift wrapped on a silver plate. Your own private SharePoint Cloud. A fully customizable, highly accessible environment that runs fast, guarantees reliability and boasts securities most on-premise solutions can only dream of. All at a cost savings to your business. SharePoint Cloud GraphicAnd while I’d love to remain objective towards private SharePoint clouds in general, I have to zero in on’s SharePoint Cloud because it distinguishes itself as a truly dedicated, managed service.

Yet some businesses hesitate to pull the trigger. I won’t be so naïve as to pretend it isn’t a big decision, but if you’re facing a crossroads within your company to do more with less, it’s a far more costly decision to change nothing. I’m here to remind you that you have the opportunity to be the invaluable employee who presents’s SharePoint Cloud to your business.

And when your business begins to hesitate or point out ambiguous cloud concerns, feel free to blindside them with my…

Top 10 Reasons SharePoint Cloud Hosting is a Perfect Fit for Any Enterprise:

1. Control: I consider this our biggest differentiator. Total server control in your private cloud. offers you a flexible, full parity SharePoint that can be customized for any third party apps you desire. With full server access, you retain control of everything from licensing to integrations to scalability. We may manage your dedicated servers, but they’re still considered yours. And when we give you the control to scale your environment up and down, it gives you the peace of mind that your infrastructure will grow with your business.

2. Security: Yes, you can see your servers when they’re on-premise, but that doesn’t make them secure. data centers employ an aggressive security strategy that starts with cyber security and ends with physical security. Our facilities are SSAE 16 SOC I Type II certified – which means they’ve gone through an in depth, global certification audit that scrutinizes our control activities to make sure we have sound, secure controls and safeguards for all hosted data. We’re compliant ready for SOX, PCI, and HIPAA environments and our networks use redundant Cisco Intrusion Detection and Prevention systems. As for physical security, biometric security access and armed guards stand between your data and the rest of the world.

3. Recovery: Think of it as a backup plan. In case of a major incident, you have to be prepared with a business continuity plan. That starts with getting your data offsite. has multiple options to meet your Recovery Point Objective (RPO) and Recovery Time Objective (RTO) so that, in the case of a disaster, we can spin your data back up as specified. You don’t get a second chance at recovery so make sure you make the right decision with the right company the first time.

4. Reliability: While we’re on the topic of business continuity,’s high availability keeps your site running. We make it easy to rely on our fast network by backing it up with a 100% uptime Service Level Agreement guarantee.

5. Performance: How about an environment built to your specific needs, performing beyond your expectations?’s expertise extends to SQL Server where our database administrators design and build your SQL with best practices and the latest performance tuning techniques, leaving you with a SharePoint infrastructure tailor made for performance.

6. Expertise: Increase your I.T.’s technical agility. When you host your SharePoint with, you’re placing our talent on your team. What I mean is – you’ve just given your I.T. staff a Super Shredder dose of SharePoint knowledge. We mean it when we say, we got this.

7. Experience: has been around since the beginning, but even though we’re the pioneers of the SharePoint Hosting industry, we haven’t been sitting on our hands. Over the last decade our Microsoft certified support staff have built countless SharePoint farms and encountered and resolved every imaginable SharePoint issue.

8. Flexibility: 100% customizable SharePoint. Thanks to the previously mentioned full server access, you have the control to customize licensing, integrations and scalability.

9. Cost Savings: The savings come from every direction. can mitigate your licensing costs, maintenance, upkeep, upgrades and overall I.T. costs.’s flexibility extends to our predictable billing so you don’t have to worry about equipment failures or surprise costs.

10. Trusted Advisor: It never stops with After your SharePoint environment is built and deployed, we stay on the job. We handle all your SharePoint questions and even recommend appropriate software or integrators to help you build a solution or develop a new app. You can rest easy knowing that should any issue arise, your diligent SharePoint support is a phone call, a tweet, or an email away.

It’s a bit pitchy, yes, but I’m not telling you anything that isn’t true!
These differentiators set the pace of your SharePoint environment.’s SharePoint Cloud is the difference that your company needs to do more with less.

As you consider an alternative to your on-premise infrastructure, and everyone begins to simultaneously point you in the direction of private cloud hosting – contact In this economy, in this back and forth recession, it makes sense.

Don’t let a tired business plan or an old fashioned I.T. structure stop your company from seizing the advantages of’s SharePoint Cloud.

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