SharePoint Hosting Checklist

checklist iconWe were doing a consultation with a client recently and they were missing a few things that they should consider in any host.  Here’s a quick list we put together. What are we missing?

Here are 15 questions to get you started.

  1. Uptime SLA 99.99% or better? Financially backed SLA like Microsoft and Fpweb?
  2. Service monitoring and alerting? You need to know if your site is down before your customers.
  3. Offsite, daily backups and recovery SLA? How quickly can you get your file/site/data back? (Especially when it is not in the recycle bin!  Are they restoring a database or a file?)
  4. Performance and page load times is what you care about. No more than 2-3 seconds? The admins/hosting company should be fragmenting drives, running SQL maintenance plans, and optimizing your databases so they don’t get too large… 200-300GB max.  Are they loading up sufficient RAM/CPU?
  5. Disaster recovery plans? Failover? Business continuance plan? You never want to have to use this, but what happens when that hurricane hits your data center in Texas, or the big earthquake hits California? Is there a failover site?  There’s often a significant charge for this, but what is the plan?  Offsite tapes? How long?
  6. Single server or load balanced web front ends? How redundant is your farm?  If a server goes down are you down?
  7. How redundant are your disks? RAID 0/1/5 SAN or NAS?
  8. How much is the first and next 1TB? You may only have 100GB now, but what is the cost as you grow?
  9. Is your site mobile with the SharePoint app? Not every hosting company will setup relevant publishing so you can access it with the SharePoint app.
  10. Directory and profiles? Can you use existing accounts? Many hosts will not support VPN to your existing domain.
  11. What about hybrid? If you want to setup hybrid integration with Office 365, can you?
  12. Security – Is it SSL? Do they regularly do penetration testing, share failed authentication alerts, hacking alerts of any kind? How frequently is the farm patched? When will the next feature pack be installed? N+1 or N-1?
  13. Flexibility – Can you encrypt your databases? Can you externalize your storage?
  14. Third party support – Can you install Nintex or Bonzai, Valo or one of those widgets from the store?
  15. Any support for the Flow and PowerApps Gateway? Is the support team really up on the latest and greatest?

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