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SharePoint Intranet in a Box or As-A-Service.  Modernize Your SharePoint Intranet While Leveraging Your Investment in SharePoint.  Rapidly Deploy to Your Enterprise with No Code and Responsive Design for All Your Mobile Devices.  Built on Secure, Dedicated Infrastructure for Total Healthcare, Financial or Government Compliance.


ClearBox Intranet Award

  • Intranet Choice for North America 2018 Award by ClearBox Consulting
  • Nielsen Norman Group 2018 Intranet Design Award winner
  • “SharePoint continues to see strong market adoption across all verticals, and is projected to grow at an annual average growth rate of 20% over the next four years” – Radicati Group 2015-2019 SharePoint Market Analysis
  • Nine out of 10 winners use SharePoint in the Nielsen Norman Group Intranet Design Awards
  • There are nearly 10,000 members of the SharePoint community
  • Fpweb’s SharePoint Developer as a Service provides expertise in SharePoint UX design and development to further customize your SharePoint site
  • Companies invest in and release third-party solutions that sit on top of SharePoint

Nielsen Norman Group 2018 Intranet Design Award

“Successful intranet teams use SharePoint’s out-of-box offerings as an edge, not an end, and stretch and massage the technology to fit their organization’s mold.” – Nielsen Norman Group

With our two decades of SharePoint experience, Fpweb has assembled a pre-built intranet solution for SharePoint that has the core functionality baked in that all organizations need to drive collaboration, efficiency, and internal communication with employees.

We’re fully aware that more than 25% of employees don’t use their corporate intranet. Oftentimes that’s because it’s difficult to find the useful content buried behind an unwieldy interface.

We took everything employees want to do on their intranet and built a sleek, engaging, and intuitive design. Fpweb’s SharePoint Intranet is fast, easy to use, packed with features, and flexible to configure and customize.

The SharePoint experts at Fpweb will guide you step-by-step through objective setting, planning and design, ownership, and deployment so that your intranet launch goes smoothly and successfully.


…if you could spin up a digital workspace that everyone uses.
…if we could create a playlist of your favorite features that turns up the productivity and staff engagement throughout your organization.
…an intranet so captivating and useful that your workforce uses it every single day.
…SharePoint that doesn’t suck.

Planning & Design

  • Intranet architecture – We review your existing content and future content needs, then follow intranet best practices to develop an intranet architecture that determines the structural design, navigation and metadata. We also test your intranet with your end user employees to ensure that information can be found quickly and easily.
  • Governance – We’ll work with you to establish how your intranet will be managed before and after go-live, and who is responsible for what. We help you define effective content publishing models, approval workflows and permissions, as well as any other new policies and guidelines needed.
  • Data migration – Fpweb has done more than 5,000 custom SharePoint migrations and will collaborate with you to scope out the project, put a migration plan in place, and utilize the best migration tools available.
  • User adoption – Improving employee communication and collaboration can sound like pie in the sky, but Fpweb’s SharePoint intranet makes it happen with News, Events, Directories, Document Management, Forms, Workflows and more.

Fpweb’s SharePoint intranet comes preloaded with

  • Templates we’ve built to help with several common business problems
  • Starter pack of proven, helpful, applicable web parts
  • SharePoint training session
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