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SharePoint Security Helps You Avoid Data Breaches and Stay in Compliance.  Having Strong SharePoint Security is Now Table Stakes.  Don’t Leave Your Important Information Vulnerable to Cyber-Crime.  Stay Secure with Fpweb Security Audits and Best Practices.

SharePoint Security

Most security breaches are caused by human error. Is your SharePoint intranet properly secured?

SharePoint Security allows you to protect your environment by effectively managing permissions, monitoring data and setting automated security reports.

-Rob LaMear, Fpweb Founder & CEO

SharePoint Security Helps You: 

  • Scan for viruses

  • Keep your SharePoint software updated

  • Know what users can access

  • Find potential threats 

  • Avoid data loss

  • Know what is being shared internally and externally

  • Encrypt information

  • Improve your search indexing

  • Quickly mange and edit user permissions

SharePoint Security Tips:

Have a single administrator for each site collection:
This will enhance your security practices. Try to assign as few users as possible as administrators of your collections. Use the “Site users” tool to visualize the administrators.
Use groups to manage users:
When used properly, SharePoint’s flexibility and security model allows administrators to define different user permissions, creating a sustainable security model. This will make it easier to adjust permissions as you just have to edit the group and not individual people. Using groups allows you to easily add and remove people from the group without worrying about having to set specific permission levels for individual users.
Avoid using document or item level permissions:
Setting single item permissions is dangerous because it is hard to see an overview of such permissions, making it impossible to do proper security maintenance.
SharePoint security helps you manage your files easily, safely and efficiently. Keep your confidential data secure in a user-friendly environment while meeting your security and regulatory requirements.
Securing your SharePoint can be complicated, use our experts to help you strengthen your environment through access control strategies, exposure testing, user education and more.
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SharePoint Security
SharePoint deployments can be done within a matter of hours, but they are rarely configured for optimal security. Its abstract and highly customizable nature makes it tough for inexperienced administrators to secure their databases.
Don’t waste time and start using SharePoint security best practices today.

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