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What is SharePoint?

Intranet, Team Site & Content Management Software from Microsoft. Collaborate Better for More Agility & Innovation. Get the Most Out of SharePoint Now.

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Now Offering SharePoint 2016 Enterprise

From $3.42 per user per month
  • Unlimited sites
  • 30 days risk free
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Unlimited data transfer
  • Up to 16GB storage per user
SharePoint Hosting

SharePoint Server

SharePoint Hosting Services

SharePoint hosting services from the best provider in the business. Best pricing, reviews & free trial. provides hosting for SharePoint 2013 or 2016 in a private or public SharePoint cloud. We have managed 1.9 billion SharePoint logins and have been the first to host every version of SharePoint in the cloud since 1999.

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SP2016 vs SP2013

SharePoint Support

SharePoint Support Services

SharePoint support services for admin, architect, and developer help. Outsource all your SharePoint server versions, cloud architecture & development now.

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SharePoint Admin

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SharePoint Engineer

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SharePoint Dev

first icon has been the first to host every version of SharePoint in the cloud since 1999

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Completely secure, redundant global infrastructure

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SharePoint Backup & Continuity Services

From any version. To any cloud. Protect all your SharePoint sites with automated daily SharePoint backups down to the object level and increase your backup retention period for disaster or ransomware survival.

SharePoint Backup
Continuity Service

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SharePoint Migration

We’ve done thousands of custom migrations using a blend of tools that saves time and headaches

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SharePoint Training & Tutorials provides SharePoint and Office 365 training for admins, users, and train the trainers. also has published SharePoint tutorials.

Training & Tutorials

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SharePoint Hosting

Discover what it takes to create a powerful, scalable, SharePoint environment for your business.

SharePoint Hosting

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Managed SharePoint Infographic

Learn how a managed SharePoint plan can help your business.

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