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SharePoint Migration Tools

SharePoint Migration Software can help your business migrate SharePoint versions and cloud content. However, there are underlying costs and drawbacks to using such software, and can help you manage these issues as you proceed.

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SharePoint Migration Tools and Services




Three major services and tools that are presented at an enterprise price. can do all of the things that these tools can do and then some, no worry on your end, for a cost that fits your business model.

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The Advantage

Expertise renders tools obsolete

Our engineers employ native methods within SharePoint to ensure a cleaner and more efficient implementation of the backend that the other tools and services can’t provide.

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Lighten your Work Load

Despite the price, many of the tools besides Fpweb require you to work within the environment yourself. They are tools to be used but you’re the pilot. Fpweb will utilize your environment without constant supervision. Like setting an autopilot.

We use the tools better for a better migration

Using these tools without the expertise to use them can easily result in messy installs and can cause future issues that will grow in severity over time. The best way to get the most migrated over with the least amount of problems is to utilize’s SharePoint migration services.